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A computerized filing cabinet. Stores, keeps track of, and instantly retrieves all kinds of data, e.g., mailing lists, inventories, personal finances, recipes, collectables, club membership lists. Data records can be updated and searched quickly. 16K.
TS 1000
Fast paced game of chase and escape. Dash through 5 different mazes; pick up points by gulping food along the way. But you share the maze with the hungry ogre, and he is out to gulp you. The more you eat, the angrier he gets, and the faster he will chase you. Nine speeds and
TS 1000
In Gulpland, a typical Gulpman dashes through a maze of apple trees to satisfy his voracious appetite for apples, but the Wormoids are constantly after him. They move faster and faster, but he has 9 lives, 15 mazes; 9 levels; sound effects. Adaptation of the ZX Spectrum version by Campbell Systems.
Downloadable TS 2068
Filing and retrieval system developed for the 48K ZX Spectrum; a version was adapted for the 2068. Offers about 32K of data per file. Files can be saved and loaded independently from the program, and stored on cassette. Display formats are user-defined. Handles address lists, library catalogues, personnel files, stock inventories, school exam results, family
TS 2068
Blends Basic menus with machine code to give dynamic file of name/address/interest codes/text. Display formats include address labels for printing. Search any element type by any key. File data is packed into a single string; length is automatically adjusted for more than 500+ entries.
ZX80 ZX81



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