SYNC v1 n5

Date: September/October 1981
Volume: 1
Issue: 5


  • The "QS Sound Board" for the ZX80/81
    Based on the extremely versatile AY-3-8910 sound generator chip, the QS Sound Board features complete software control of the frequency and amplitude of three independent output channels as well as an envelope shaper and noise channel. Mentions QS Motherboard, which allows connecting 16K RAM and sound board at the same time.
  • Letters
    REM on the 4K ROM; Mini-Billboard for 8K ROM; “Bar Charts” and Rubber Cement; Splitting Strings; Short Video Cable; The 5-6 Seconds of Silence.
  • Sync Notes
    SYNC program listings; 8K ROM problems; SYNC subscriptions; ZX Microfair; SYNC in Microcomputer Index; SYNC Notes: UK; Sinclair Launches the ZX Printer; Sinclair to Sell ZX81 Retail.
  • Glitchoidz Report
  • Perceptions
    A ROM Munching Session; Video Sync Signals; Video Modulator Drive Circuitry; Loading.
  • GRA+PIX: A System for Pixel Graphics
    The following article describes a set of subroutines for drawing lines, arcs, regular geometric shapes, and sectors on the Sinclair ZX80 with the 8K Basic ROM and 16K RAM. The routines should also work on a ZX81 with 16K RAM. In addition, in SLOW mode on the ZX81, you can watch the figures develop as
  • The PEEK Function and the POKE Command
    This article returns to Basic to discuss the PEEK function and the POKE command. Since the 8K ROM is now widely available, both the 4K ROM and the 8K ROM are included in the discussion and program illustrations.
  • Machine Language Teaches the ZX80 to READ
    Simulate the READ command with machine language routine.
  • Cannonade
    In Cannonade you are the commander (choose your own rank) of a squad of six men. You have been given as your next objective the capture of an enemy gun emplacement. Your men must outmaneuver the gun’s handlers. If they are spotted as they are advancing, they may be fired upon. When a man is
  • Using Key and Token Expressions
    Keywords as well as tokens could be typed into program lines in full โ€” spaces and allโ€” with practically a single keystroke.
  • Schematic of Sinclair 16K RAM Pack
  • Robot Composer
    As Richard Forsen has noted, a series of tones can be generated by a series of FOR-NEXT loops. However, we are not accustomed to hearing this pitch scale of tones, and the duration of the tones varies inversely with the pitch. The Robot Composer corrects these deficiencies in this pitch scale and generates rhythmic, melodic
  • The ZX80/1 As Fortune Cookie
    In addition to reputed oracular powers, the I Ching has proven to be a source of fascination for mathematicians and computer scientists. This ancient Chinese system of divination comprises one of the earliest known examples of a binary counting scheme.
  • The Great Circle Route
    “The Great Circle Route” shows something of its possibilities. After entering the program on your computer, enter the latitude and longitude of any two points in the world, and the computer will calculate and display the distance between them. This is the “great circle route.”
  • Defuse
    You are the Chief of Security in a major government building. You have just received a telephone message from a terrorist group claiming that they have planted a bomb somewhere in the building. Fortunately, you have the most sophisticated electronic detection equipment available. Your detector gives off a signal that gets stronger as you get
  • Examining Prime Numbers: Two Programs
    The first of the two programs below tests a set of numbers to see which members of the set are primes. The program asks for (and enters with INPUT statements) the beginning and the end of the set and displays those numbers in the chosen set which are primes.
  • Motorcycle Race Game
    Test your skill and luck on a ZX80 motorcycle! In this game you compete with another rider on a 32 mile track on which you meet various obstacles and road conditions. The key to winning the race is meeting the obstacles with just the right speed.
  • Hangman
    The old game of Hangman can also be played on your ZX80. The program listed below preserves not only the battle of wits between the two players, but also draws on the graphics capabilities of the ZX80 to draw the figure for you. The program with full prompts on the screen requires over 1K, but
  • Hints & Tips For The ZX81
    Hints & Tips for the ZX81 by Andrew Hewson is excellent for the average ZX81 user who has little, or no knowledge of Z80 Machine Code programming, but would like to learn. There are sections on saving space in programs, understanding the Display File, converting ZX80 programs for use on the ZX81, how to let
  • Try This
  • ZX81 Hardware Review (UK)
    Listing of products and prices for ZX81 hardware.
  • Kitchen Sync
    Discussion of the ZX80 BASIC expression evaluator.
  • Resources (Sync v1 n5)
    Listing of new user groups, books and other resources.


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