Grey & Clifford Computer Products

Inglewood, CA 90305

Split to become Ed Grey Enterprises and Clifford & Associates in 1987.


300/1200 baud terminal program for the 2068. Adapted from the Spectrum program to run natively on the TS 2068. 64 column display without additional hardware, 31K buffer area. 7K free BASIC space for adding loaders, menus, dialers and adapting to different mass storage systems. Supports XMODEM.
Downloadable TS 2068
This BBS program is fully compatible with the Z-SIO (for use use with 300/1200 baud modems) as well as the TS-2050 modem. It features multiple message bases, 64 column sysop screen, abbreviated menus, and adjustable user display.
TS 2068


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    Product announcements from John Oliger Co., NovelSoft, Willcocks Research Consultants, Grey & Clifford Computer Products, Knighted Computers, G. Russell Electronics, Jim Houston Enterprises, Larken Electronics, Chia-Chi Chao, Fred Nachbaur, Robert Fischer, Bill Heberlein, Bill Bell, C. W. Associates.
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    Product announcements from Chia-Chi Chao, NovelSoft, Willcocks Research Consultants, Grey & Clifford Computer Products, Knighted Computers, Fred Nachbaur/Silicon Mountain Computers, Robert Fischer, Larken Electronics, Bill Bell, Thomas Woods, Jim Houston Enterprises, WIDJUP Co., David Hill.
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    Product announcements from Fred Nachbaur, John Oliger Co., Grey & Clifford Computer Products, Larken Electronics, Chia-Chi Chao, Robert Fischer, Bill Bell, G. Russell Electronics, EZRA Group II, RMG Enterprises, David Hill, Paul Holmgren, GLENN Technics, John Deering.
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    AN-TO Productions is marketing QUICKEY 2068 keyboard overlays. Overlays are available for the following programs: AccuDraw T2, Artworx v1.1, Tasword/Tasprint, Mscript (regular and V5) and Omnicalc II. There is also a key finder and a blank overlay for your own programs. Bill Bell announces the availability of an Oliger Video Version of BBDOS for the
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    Ed Grey Enterprises (formerly Grey & Clifford Computer Products) continues to support Timex/Sinclair market. Variety Sales changes its name to Variety Computers & Electronics.


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