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Volume: 4 Issue: 4


March-April 1987


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AN-TO Productions is marketing QUICKEY 2068 keyboard overlays. Overlays are available for the following programs: AccuDraw T2, Artworx v1.1, Tasword/Tasprint, Mscript (regular and V5) and Omnicalc II. There is also a key finder and a blank overlay for your own programs.

Bill Bell announces the availability of an Oliger Video Version of BBDOS for the TS1000 equiped with the Aerco FD-ZX Disk Interface and the JLO Video System. BBDOS is a fully automatic, BASIC transparent, disk operating system that locates itself in the 8-16K region of RAM. This BBDOS version enhances the operation of both the AERCO and JLO additions to the TS1000. It is fully compatible with all printer interfaces.

Chia-Chi Chao has his latest catalog out. Listed are many great buys on hardware and software. Many are available on 5.25″ Aerco disk.

Cuyahoga Valley Software Works is marketing SPDOS for the TS2068 and the John L Oliger Disc Interface. SPDOS is available for 40 and 80 track DS drives, supports sequential files, and offers a fast, versatile operating system that requires less than 8K of RAM. Fully compatible with the Oliger memory resident DOS, it will also read and run programs written for the Millenia K Interface.

Fred Nachbaur has completed DUNGEON OF YMIR V3 for the ZX81/TS1000 with CMOS 8-16K RAM and a minimum of 16K of user RAM.

G. Russell Electronics has NUCLEON and TASKMASTER in stock.

Glenn Technics has AccuDraw for color art and tech drawings on the TS2068. All the features you’d expect to find in a first class drawing program. Supports full size printers through the Aerco printer interface.

Grey & Clifford Computer Products is offering software and hardware for communications on the Spectrum emulated TS2068. SPECTERM-64 is terminal emulation software which allows 64 column display without additional hardware.

John Deering is offering mods to PRO/FILE 2068 for use with the Rotronics Wafadrive System.

John Riley, club librarian of the Capital Area Timex-Sinclair User’s Group (CATS), has five volumes of TS2068 public domain software available for swapping with persons who donate new software to the library.

Larry Kenny of Larken Electronics has announced that he is working on a cart-based DOS for the Larken 2068 disk drive. Features include Spectrum compatibility, built-in NMI “snapshot” save, usage of standard tokens, and disk compatibility with other systems.

I.S.T.U.G. is selling copies of their BBS program. You get the program plus full directions to set up your own BBS on your TS2068.

RMG Enterprises announces the publication of a new book, ARCHIVE MASTER. This new book delves into the inner workings of the QL program Archive and contains over 100 tested procedures, tips, and tricks to help you make Archive an even more powerful working tool.

Weymil Corporation announces NOVA 1000, a multi-tasking program for the TS1000. Features include a real-time clock, automatic program line tracer, auto-repeat on all keys, and more. TRACER TS2068 is a debugging tool for BASIC programs, It allows you to see each line of your BASIC program as it is executed. SOUNDESIGN TS2068 is a sound development program for the TS2068. This program will allow you to manipulate the sound chip in ways you never thought possible. Once you have designed the sound you desire, a printout feature lets you obtain a hardcopy for use in other programs.



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