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Picks out the steps in a project that could become bottlenecks, monitors costs, spots effects of delays. Some steps must be completed before the next can begin; others can be delayed without slowing up the project as a whole. 16K.
TS 1000
Two programs to track inventory. Stock I: Keeps track of 400 line items, with product names and descriptions, unit prices, supplier codes, stock levels, and reorder points. Changes in prices, codes, and deletions easily done. Provides alphanumeric list of items or breakdown by type of supplier. Stock II: A simpler program that allows for 2000
TS 1000
Helps align mono cassette recorder head for best results, check tape speed and path.
TS 1000
Simple device to determine proper volume setting for loading.
TS 1000


Excellent book explaining how to set up your recorder to achieve reliable results. The book discusses problems that arise and explains how signals are recorded. Coupled with the VU Meter and Test and Alignment Tape, many hours of frustration can be saved.
TS 1000




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