SYNC v2 n6

Date: November/December 1982
Volume: 2
Issue: 6


  • Resources (Sync v2 n6)
    Listing of new user groups, books and other resources.
  • A Keyboard Learning Game
    New users of the Timex/Sinclair computers sometimes spend a long time hunting for a specific key. The keys that are not used frequently remain hard to find. Keygame is intended to help the user become familiar with the keyboard and to have some fun while learning.
  • The Quicksilva Programmable Character Generator
    The Quicksilva Programmable Character Generator is a single circuit board which plugs into the QS Motherboard or the QS Edge Connector which plugs into the back of the ZX81. Once installed, it lets the user program 128 different characters rather than the previous 64 and their inverses. After the board has been programmed, it can
  • Hot-Z
    HOT Z is a valuable tool for the machine language pro or novice.
  • Attention Readers: You Can Review Products for SYNC!
  • Sea War
    Sea War starts by scrolling from right to left a very impressive “title page” asking for the number of players (the limit is 2). A rather large ship then travels across the surface of the water and drops your submarine into the water; then the action starts. You are now in a submarine just below
  • Mazogs
    In Mazogs you are an adventurer searching for a treasure in a HUGE maze. You must find the treasure and return to the entrance of the maze within a certain number of moves. Scattered throughout the maze are creatures called Mazogs whose job is to stop and kill you. You can kill them if you
  • Block Transfers: Variables Transfer (Part 2)
    One drawback of Timex/Sinclair computers is that LOADing a program erases any data that you have in the variables area to make room for in-coming variables. However, the program developed here allows you to keep variables in the machine safe from NEW, CLEAR, and LOAD. Furthermore, it allows you to transfer variables from one Basic
  • Random Walks
    A program “Random Walks” for the ZX81 duplicates the Hexstat. It is an eye-catching, pretty display and very effective as an instructional device. Over a period of 15 minutes or so a series of “balls” falls down through a cascade or sieve to form 9 columns whose heights are proportional to the respective probabilities of
  • Building Heat Load
    This article gives a program for calculating your building heat load. You may not find all the answers, but you can get a preliminary comparison of some of the options. The program is designed to find the heat load by solving two equations.
  • Your Timex/Sinclair Can Become a Terminal
    Build a 8251 USART interface to connect a Sinclair to a modem.
  • Renumbering Basic Statements
    This article presents two Basic renumbering programs in Sinclair Basic for the 8K ROM. The first program can be used with 1K or 16K RAM. It only renumbers the Basic statements. It does not do anything about the destination addresses for GOSUB and GOTO keywords that must be changed after a program is renumbered. The
  • WARP 81: Making a 4K Program Run in 8K
    Details converting a specific program to work with 8K ROM Sinclairs.
  • Large Letters for the 8K, 2K Machine
    One tool that has been useful to me is a Basic subroutine to create 4×4 characters for the 8K ROM. The routine works well enough and enhances the display. However, it is slow. If used repeatedly, the delay can be irksome. The obvious solution is to write a machine language subroutine to do the work.
  • Line Print Utility
    Reading computer-style text, where the words get chopped off at the end of the line, is easy enough once you get the hang of it. However, if the printout of a program is intended for use by people not used to this style, it is friendlier to PRINT out the text in a more legible
  • Flicker-free Four Times Normal Character Scrolling
    Programming an active display without the flicker and flash is one of the challenges confronting the ZX80 user. So far the programs published in SYNC with flicker free display possibilities have some limitations: 1) the program must stay in machine language; 2) all computing must be done during the vertical blacking period; or 3) everything
  • A Machine Code Graphics Line Drawing Subroutine
    In the pages of the ZX81 manual, we find a Basic subroutine to draw a line between any two specified points (see Listing 1). However, I found this routine to be exceedingly slow, especially when I wanted to draw several lines on the screen and had to wait several agonizing minutes to get them. The
  • Meditations on a Hypotrochoid
    The plotting capacity of the ZX80(81) enables even the least artistically talented to create some pretty dazzling displays. The much denigrated sine and cosine functions conceal mathematical mysteries that are invisible to mere number crunchers.
  • The Zedex Microfair
    Touted as the “largest single display of ZX products under one roof anywhere,” this 4th ZX Microfair more than lived up to its reputation. The fair offered 80 tables worth of hardware, software, peripherals, books, etc. for the ZX81 and Sinclair Spectrum.
  • Curve-plotting Graphics
    Curve-plotting has many applications. For example, an oscilloscope is a curve-plotting device which allows the user to view time-varying voltages. This article presents a program which allows the Timex/Sinclair computers to be used as curve-plotting devices. The common representations of curves possible with this program include the following: Cartesian, Cartesian Parametric, polar, and polar parametric.
  • Turtle Graphics
    Have you ever wished for an easier way to create graphics displays on your Sinclair computer? You can always use a line drawing program and a table of coordinates, but setting up the table can be tedious. The LOGO language, developed by the artificial intelligence group at MIT, has a graphics system called Turtle Graphics
  • Just For fun
    Mousetrap; Unvader; Draw and Store; Number Nine; Eliminator
  • Try This
  • Glitchoidz Report
    ZX Destroyer; Just for Fun (2:5); Block Transfers.
  • Sync Notes
    SYNC at the Drawing Board; Theme Sections Coming; The ZX81 BASIC Programming Manual; SYNC is Growing! You CAn help!
  • Letters
    Comet Crusher; DEF; Draw It; Strong KBD Signals; List Learning; Pantry Inventory; Lunar Lander.


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