J. Keene Ltd

3515 Ingleside Dr., Dallas, TX 75229
Owner(s): Jack Keene


Internally mounted Spectrum/TS 2068 ROM option, similar to ROMSwitch.
TS 2068


  • Adding a Joystick For the Spectrum/2068
  • For Your Support
    Product announcements from Softaid, TEJ Computer Products, G. Russell Electronics, Integrated Data Systems, Sharp’s, Richard Booth, J. Keene, Pratt Programs, Robotron Industries, Knighted Computers, Ray Rash and Fred Nachbaur.
  • Gremlins, the Adventure
  • Letters
    Micro-Prolog for Spectrum; A&J help request; 2068 music; MSCRIPT; Sinclair joysticks; 80 column VU-CALC printing; Spinning Wheel.
  • Spectrum Conversion Notes: The Spectrum Expansion Connector
    Convert the 2068 expansion connector to a Spectrum connector; add pull-up resistors to the EXROM socket; Spectrum Hardware Manual by Adrian Dickens; Easy Add On Projects for Your Spectrum, ZX81 & ACE by Owen Bishop.
  • YS Megabasic
    YS Megabasic adds 35 commands to Spectrum basic, several fonts, window capability, sprites, multi-tasking, enhanced sound, named procedures, a Z80 monitor, trace function and more.


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