John Marion

Greenup, KY 41144


Database to hold up to 320 names, addresses and phone numbers. Search by last name, city, state or zip code. 2068 version will sort by last name.
TS 1000 TS 2068


  • Animation
    Animation using screens stored in arrays.
  • Banner 1000
  • Banner Programs
    This is a short program to print long banners featuring large characters on the 2040 printer. Unlike some other banner programs, you do not have to type DATA statements that contain each character’s dot makeup. This program looks directly into the ROM for the dot patterns. The 2068 stores each scan line of dots as
  • Gosubs
    Short programs contributed by readers.
    The Rompak cartridge can instantly load programs, such as games or utilities, into memory. The cartridge is memory mapped in the unused 8 to 16k block of memory, and it has an expansion connector out the back, so it can be used with the T/S printer or ram pack.
  • T/S Help and Information
    Source of paper for the ZX printer; problem with ZX81 that could be bad SCL; non-working keys on a TS1000.
  • TS 1000 Keyboard Add-On
    Wire a keyboard to your TS 1000.
  • TS Help and Information: Modifications to Add-on Keyboard
    Add one-key shift-lock, delete and function keys to a TI keyboard converted for the 1000.



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