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Browse the powerful routines in ROM, check your own machine code by converting it to assembler statements. Converts 812 regular and extended opcodes to assembler mnemonics; no external tables required; jump to any point in memory at any time. 16K.
TS 1000


  • [If you have a logic probe ... ]
    Use logic probe to record state of ICs in the computer.
    Program scans the ROM up to 7679, building a stack of CALLED and CALLING addresses. Then it sorts and displays them.
  • Dear Editor
    Letters with improvements programs; corrections; math error in 8K ROM; converting 4K ROM programs to 8K ROM; ZX80 users online.
  • Dear Editor
    Letters about issues assembling MicroAce; tv/cassette player placement; adapting programs; reverse video; cassette eavesdropper; amateur radio operators.
  • How Many Bytes to the Line?
    Subroutine determines the exact number of bytes used for each line of program instruction as well as an entire program.
  • Line Renumbering
    This program renumbers the line numbers in any other program in memory.
  • New Products and Services (Syntax v3 n9)
    New products from f/22 Press, NIM Electronics, Stuart Software, Norris Electronics, G. Russell Electronics, Lyon Ware, Fulcrum Products, Martin Irons.
  • New Products and Services (Syntax v4 n1)
    New products from KSOFT, D. Lipinksi, ZX Software Team, M.C. Hoffman, Run-it Software Club, Startext, Expense Cutters Products, Computa-Dek, Bytesize Computer Products, Computer Continuum, Martin Irons, Rose Aircraft. Charles Durang will not publish ZX Newsletter, focus on books instead.
  • New Publications
    QZX newsletter serves amateur radio operators who own ZX80s, published by Martin Irons.
  • Printing Strings Faster
    Use a full-length string of characters to print a bar graph instead of plotting each section.
  • Program Improvements
    Improvements to READ-DATA-RESTORE, Flower Plot, Income Tax program.
  • Reduce 4K Loading Noise
    4K ROM users: instead of building our Cassette Eavesdropper (Dec. 80) to reduce loading noise, try a dual mini-plug from Radio Shack.
  • Resources (Sync v3 n1)
    Listing of new user groups, books and other resources.
  • The History of QZX
    History of the ham radio focused computing magazine founded by Martin Irons.
  • ZX80 Group
    Licensed hams using the Sinclair ZX80 or Microace now have a user net on single sideband. Contact Marty Irons, K2MI, 46 Magic Circle Drive, Goshen, NY 10924.


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