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Works with EPROM-READ card. 2716 EPROM operating in 8192-10239 part of memory-map. Programmed with Breakout, Life, and Toolkit (renumber, including GOTO and GOSUB; READ, DATA, RESTORE; BLOCK-FILL, of screen; block delete, part of program; size, of program; free memory and others).
TS 1000
Programs EPROMs directly in the 8192-10239 region of the TS 1000 memory map. The bytes to be stored being POKEd directly at the required address. Full software and instructions supplied.
TS 1000
Accepts 2K 2716 and 2516 EPROMS. Operates in the 8192-10239 section of the memory map. Fits between the computer and RAM pack. With modification, it is compatible with certain other types of RAM.
TS 1000



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