Redditch Electronics

21 Ferney Hill Avenue, Redditch, Worcs, U.K. B97 4RU


Controlled using BASIC, with suitable interface circuits will control LEDs, motors, relays, lights, sound generators.
TS 1000
Fits onto input/output port to give one analog output (0 to 2.55 volts); space on board for two extra converters.
TS 1000
Full-size 40 key keyboard. Symbols marked in two colors.
ZX80 TS 1000
Plugs into the back of ZX81 or ZX80. Printer/RAM pack plugs onto back. Has two female connectors to accept expansion boards.
ZX80 TS 1000
Three programmable counters. Controlled in Basic. May be used as timer, counters, or frequency generators (including audio range).
TS 1000


Practical programs to show ability of ZX-81.
ZX81 TS 1000




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