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Look at the stars in your own personal planetarium with programs that allow you to observe the apparent movement of the stars, planets, and meteor showers. Written in Basic and ready to be entered on your TS 1000.
Downloadable TS 1000
Describes and provides examples of each word in the TS1000 Basic vocabulary. Every keyword and function is explained carefully and thoroughly. Short example programs illustrate the use of each command in its syntactically correct form. Special notes provide insight to subtleties and extra features of each Basic word.
TS 1000
Collection of useful programs to take full advantage of each of the TS1000 function capabilities. Calculate home finances, analyze business and personal investments, investigate real estate options, analyze data, keep records.
TS 1000
Discusses the setup, operation, and capabilities of the computer; how to connect it to a TV; benefits of additional attachments; how to program for a variety of tasks, e.g., doing calculations, making bar graphs, drawing pictures on the screen, playing games.
ZX81 TS 1000



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