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Speech recognition unit/response unit. Library of 32 words or short phrases. Can be trained to recognize voice commands. Requires 16K. It was made for other home computers but there’s no evidence it was produced for the Sinclair.
TS 1000


  • New Product Updates (Syntax v2 n1)
    Prestodigitizer requires 8K ROM; Cognivox requires 16K RAM; MicroPeripheral modem held up.
  • Product Preview
    Mentions CAI Instruments devices, graphics device from Innovision, speech recognition unit from Voicetek and Sinclair 8K ROM and 16K RAM pack.
  • Talk to Your ZX80
    Cognivox, produced by Voicetek of Goleta, CA, is a speech I/O peripheral for personal computers . It uses both speech recognition and vocal response, so you and your ZX80 can talk to each other. Cognivox maintains a vocabulary of up to 32 words or short phrases (requiring less than 3 seconds of speech time) and


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