Westridge Communications

2103 Queensferry Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90049
Owner(s): Stuart Lotwin


Terminal program that improved on MTERM. Supplied by Westridge Communications with the Westridge 2050 modem. Features
TS 2068
Terminal program supplied with TS 2050 modem. Side A is for the TS1000/TS1500 and Side B is for the TS2068.
Downloadable TS 1000 TS 2068
One of the most eagerly awaited accessories was the TS 2050 Telecommunications Modem. Timex announced a modem, scheduled for release in November of 1983, that was compatible with the TS 1000/1500, ZX-81 and TS 2068. The modem is also known as the Westridge 2050. Unfortunately, Timex exited the computer market before they received the first
TS 1000 TS 2068
The Westridge Communications 2050 modem allows you to communicate through your telephone with other computers and information sources. With this modem and the included MTERM I cassette software, you can connect to other computers, bulletin boards and services like THE SOURCE, CompuServe, DOW JONES, and MCI MAIL. Features Prints displayed screens on the TS2040.
TS 1000 TS 2068


  • 2050 Modem Is Here
    The Westridge TS 2050 telecommunications modem is at last really here. It is exactly the same modem that Timex promised and took orders for, but never came through on. It is manufactured and sold by Westridge Communications, a division of Anchor Automation in Marina Del Ray, California.
  • A Review of the MTERM II
    Terminal program for the TS 2068 and TS 2050 modem.
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits and Bytes
  • Bits and Bytes
    Timex Sinclair User has issued its first copy of Timex Sinclair Shopper. It is supposed to come out quarterly. In it there is a subscription form for Timex Sinclair News, the new name for Timex Sinclair User. The new owner of Timex Sinclair User worked with TS User and the former Timex Sinclair User became
  • Bits and Bytes
    Timex Sinclair User is dead; subscriptions will be filled with issues of K-Power.
  • Modem Change Improves Temp Performance
    SYNTAX had heard that 2050 MODEMS stopped at high temperatures, but the manufacturer says this problem no longer exists. Westridge, the maker, points out that the failures at 160F ambient were above the rated range anyway.
  • September News from The T/S Connection
    Stu Lotwin passed away. Update on David Higgenbottom’s talks with Timex.
  • Smart Term II Delayed
    Upgraded performance for Westridge’s 2050 modem will have to wait a tad longer, but we do not know quite when. The death of Stuart Lotwin seems to have thrown the company into chaos—phone calls unreturned, information unavailable, and people answering the phone who seem not to care.
  • Smart Term II Package in Testing
    Those of you waiting for the advanced modem software should soon be able to get it for the 2050 modem.
    Short article about modems available to TS users.
  • The Rise and Fall of the Timex Computer Corporation, Part 2: On the Drawing Board
    Throughout the month of January and even into the early part of February, before the bad news had hit, the product planning department at Timex was bustling. Led by director Billy Skyrme, a long time company employee, this division was creating a bit of excitement among TS user groups and in the computer press. Speculation
  • Westridge 2050 Modem
    This product would have been the TS2050 Modem if Timex had sold it.


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