Update October 1988

Date: October 1988


  • A Screen Copy in Full Color and More
    Review of interface and software to print in color on Okimate 20.
  • How Goes It, Update?
    MAX DOS vs MS DOS vs QL DOS; SPDOS for Oliger; TS-2068 and Sinclair QL issue disks and micro drive dubbing; copyrights; QL support in this issue; meet some QL programmers; SINCUS programs; the North American Sinclair Society.
  • The Round-Up: An Update Programming Tutorial
    This is a program designed for UPDATE to demonstrate several abilities of dealing with numbers. FIRST, the “INT” function “ROUNDS DOWN” figures. All businesses do the opposite, ROUNDING UP to the nearest cent. This can make a busy department store quite a few dollars during a day’s operation.
  • ON ERR Programming
    The TS-2068 remembers ON ERR and the line number in an ON ERR statement well after the program line that contains the ON ERR GO TO statement has been executed. Then the first error condition forces the abandonment of sequential line read, and the line that is designated in the ON ERR statement is executed.
  • The Sinclair Z88 "Lap Top" Computer
    So far as I can tell, there are only praise and enthusiasm coming from the owners of the Sinclair Z88. Frankly, I dont like the term “lap top”, as it seems to have a connotation of “tinker toy” which demeans the extraordinary capabilities of the Z88.
  • Using the OS-64 Cartridge with TOS
    How to boot TOS with the OS-64 cartridge installed.
  • Telecommunications on the QL
    Simple terminal program. Reprinted from the May 1988 issue of Nite-Time News, which itself was reprinted from the Data Expansion, the newsletter of the Dallas/Fort Worth group.
  • Sound Experimentor
    Unlike most home computers, the QL has a very limited noise making capability. What there is can only be dragged out by using the enigmatic BEEP command. Reprinted from ZX-Appeal.
  • Easel Print
    The program shows how to use the graphics dump provided with EASEL. Reprinted from ZX-Appeal.
  • QL RAM Extension
    The accompanying circuit is an application of the TMS4500A as RAM extension for the 68008. This chip can drive a maximum of 128K dynamic RAM and provide all necessary signals.
  • The Trump Card
    The Trump Card combines a disk interface, 768K of RAM, Toolkit II for SuperBASIC, screen dump, static and dynamic RAM disks and a dynamic printer buffer. Reprinted from ZX-Appeal.
  • A Multi-Manager for SAFE DOS V2.52
  • A Conglomeration of QL TIPS
    Initializing Trump card and speed screen in boot programs; copy a complete micro drive cartridge with Trump card; back to business with the QL.
  • Letter from Dick Wagner
    Letter about two programs from the editor of The Plotter, the newsletter of the CCATS User Group.
  • LPRINT CHR$ With Oliger Printer Driver
    Readers who have programmed in BASIC with the OLIGER printer driver use LET/P=0 command to send data to their large printer. This command works fine for LPRINTing text and messages but not so good for printer codes.
  • Graphics Printer Trick
    Readers who have tried any extensive printer graphics programming (not a screen dump) probably got discouraged with the amount of data required to key in.
  • Addition to TS-2068 Mail Merge
    Update to program from October 1987 issue to print out the categories of an index after the program had sorted subjects by title.
  • Scan: An Archive Program
    Program that allows one to see up to three selected fields displayed on a line for all currently active records.
  • Arithmetic: An Arithmetic Drill Program for the QL
    A program designed to aid children in learning arithmetic.
  • Helper: A SuperBASIC Program
    A set of toolkit-like functions presented in menu format.
  • Refield Program
    Program that allows one to add, restructure and delete fields in Archive databases.
  • Why Use Archive?
    Twelve reasons to use Archive.
  • The Cable Column
    This featured column, by Bill Cable, starts with this issue.
  • Extra Memory
    Discussion about using extra RAM in HOME and DOCK banks; errors in the EXROM that affect extended memory usage.
  • TS-2068 Extra Memory Recap
    In January 1988, UPDATE began a series about extra memory. The first objective was to explore the ways and means of using existing extra memory hardware.
  • A QL Address File
    A simple address database program presented as a tutorial.
  • QL on Packet
    One ham’s experience using the QL to communicate via packet radio.
  • Telecomputing, Where We Stand
    Ham radio operators and computer communication via packet radio.
  • OPEN #, CLOSE #, Channels & Streams - A Tutorial
    Let’s delve into the mysterious realm of channels and streams and those two odd tokens OPEN and CLOSE. These two commands are extremely powerful and have many uses and yet there is nothing at all about them in the TS2068 User Manual except to say that “these and other commands like FORMAT, MOVE, CAT etc
  • Larken RAMdisk for the TS 2068
    I have found that for persons with two drives, the RAMdisk maximizes use of the second drive. And it reduces the number of keystrokes required to operate the Larken system.
  • MScript Version 5.3 for Larken DOS
    Mscript is a totally different word processor from Tasword. Once you get used to the protocol and press the right keys, Mscript is just as easy to use and a lot more rewarding.
  • Sinclair Milwaukee User Group
    Our group is called Sinclair Milwaukee Users Group, also called SMUG. We were established in 1983 and work with all forms of the Sinclair Computers.
  • Toronto Timex-Sinclair Users Club and SINC-LINK
    The Toronto Sinclair User Club is one of the most active clubs in North America.
  • A QL Printing Primer
    Here is a little tutorial for setting up the QL to print to paper “without a word processor”. It does not do much but print un-formatted lines to the left margins as set at the printer.
  • The QL Beginner Course
    If you have dug around as I have between the four sections in the back of the QL manual, you know that these books were not written in a 1, 2,3, sequence that lets you get right to it. I believe that, for this discussion, we should start with the printer itself.
  • QUILL Filesaver
    This program reads a damaged QUILL file and converts it to a plain text file.
  • About TOOLKIT II
    Are there any QL owners who if they don’t have TK2, have not been strongly advised to get it? Article reprinted from BoSTUG Sinclair/Timex Newsletter.


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