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Drawing package. Works in 256×192 or 512×192. Draw, line, box, square, circle, invert, block invert, block erase, merge screens and more.
TS 2068
See John Conwayโ€™s revolutionary pattern-generating game for yourself. 3 times as fast as our original; includes 24×32, 48×64 and 96×128, plus saving and loading.
TS 2068
The ultimate in support for your Epson-compatible printer with AERCO, Tasman or A&J parallel interface. Features: 100% correct LLISTings, accurate aspect ratio screen dumps, text-only screen dumps and more.
TS 2068
Programming utilities. REMkill, header reader, renumber, variable dump, program tracer et cetera.
TS 2068




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