Update October 1995

Date: October 1995


  • Across the Pond
    Updated version of MSCRIPT; now returns to BASIC for file save/load. Feature added by Zebra. Greeting Card Designer from Zebra. ZPRINT-80, also from Zebra, supports Aerco, both Tasman, and A&J interfaces with LPRINT, LLIST, COPY.
  • Across the Pond: Telecomputing across the U.S.
    T/S 2050 modem; bulletin boards. Zebra Systems ran a BBS in 1985; customers could place orders through the BBS. Online services like MCI Mail, Compuserve, The Source are discussed.
  • Across the Pond
    QL issues and support. War in the East game, written by Mark Stueber, ported to QL. Robert Fingerle, of Tesseract Software Development, produces Concept 3-D, a CAD program for the QL. Fingerle was also responsible for Textwriter 1000 and Textwriter 2000. The latter supported full size printers and the 2068’s 64 column mode.
  • Across the Pond
    Describes Spectrum emulator ROM options from Doug Dewey (EMU-1 and EMU-2), Bill Russell (Romswitch), need for a twister board (like the Z-Link) to use Spectrum bus devices like microdrives or Wafadrive, and the A & J Microdrive that plugs directly into the 2068.
  • Across the Pond
    Look back on 1986. Introduction of QL. Second Midwest computer Fest. QL Talker, a speech synthesizer that connects to the serial port. More about AERCO’s CP/M option for the 2068 and a brief mention of Dungeon of Ymir for the 1000.
  • Across the Pond
    Mark compares the differences between the ZX Spectrum and the TS 2068, describing the features that are new in the 2068.
  • Across the Pond
    Spectrum ROM options and Z-link, a twister board, are discussed. DAMCO Enterprises’ Rainbow Plus Interface, which is both twister and ROM that keeps the cartridge slot free. Several vendors are importing products from UK sources. Mass storage options for the 2068 are available from AERCO, Ramex International, A & J Microdrive and Zebra Systems. Zebra
  • Across the Pond
    Describes how news of Amstrad’s buyout of Sinclair has impacted the American scene. Carol and George Whitham, who founded A+ Computer Response, had taken on the QL. Also reporting on the 1986 Midwest Timex/Sinclair Computer Fest, including details about Zebra Systems’ programmer’s working up to the last minute before the show.
  • Across the Pond
    Overview of telecomputing and bulletin board options, including Zebra’s bulletin board. Modem options for QL covered. Softsync’s shift to IBM noted, as well as Nigel Searle’s role in the company.
  • Across the Pond
    Comparison of market in UK to that in US, especially after the departure of Timex Computer Corp. Despite official support, Timex users persist and an “underground” support scene exists. Discusses MSCRIPT, commissioned by Timex from Micro-Systems for the 2068, available from 21st Century Products, and Zebra Systems’ drawing package for use with their adapted Koala
  • Letter: Toronto Timex-Sinclair Users Club
    Short letter about the club and contact information.
  • Letter: Buyer's Guide
    Dale seeks assistance in compiling updated information for his buyer’s guide to Sinclair/Timex products and services, to be published in 1985. Contained 120 suppliers and more than 800 software titles.
  • Across the Pond
    Report on the Second Annual Midwest Timex Sinclair Computer Fest.
  • Across the Pond
    Launch of the QL in the US. Describes the QL hardware and software, compares it to other current options, including PC clones. QL ICE (Icon Controlled Environment) from Eidersoft discussed.
  • Across the Pond
    Fendrick looks at AERCO’s FD-68 floppy disk system for the TS 2068.
  • Editorial for October Issue
    Ruminations on accessing the internet with Sinclair computers.
  • The August Dayton Computerfest: A Review
    Notes about who attended. Logicall V6 available.
  • TS1000 Turbo
    Add a switch to add “turbo” mode to the TS1000.
  • Announcing: The IKI (An IBM Keyboard Interface for 1000/2068)
    The IKI can be used with the ZX80, ZK81, T/S 1000, T/S 1500, Spectrum and T/S 2068 computers. It is compatible with all interfaces for those computers. The IKI works with any IBM XT-compatible keyboard. The keyboard must have an XT/AT selector switch.
  • Home-made 2068 LarKen Disk Interface
    Instructions for building a Larken 2068 disk interface.
  • Cable Column
    Archive series part 22: error handling in Archive with Errnum() function and Error command.
  • Sinclair On the Net
    Some of the more interesting info pulled off the Internet in the prior few months, including a magazine dedicated to Spectrum emulators, new products for QL and a ZX81 magazine.
  • Is there a QXL in Your Life?
    Overview of the QXL: a PC expansion card that emulates the QL on a PC.
  • Piano
    Allows you to use the keyboard of your QL as if it were a piano.
  • A Review of Z88 Magic
    Book about Z88 that provides information about the computer in an accessible manner.
  • Across the Pond
    Inaugural column about the American side of the Sinclair world. Gives a brief overview of Sinclair history in America, discusses marketing of the TS 1000, introduction of the TS 2000 and eventual launch of the TS 2068. The ZX printer could not pass the requirements of the Federal Communications Commission, so Timex contracted with Alphacom
  • Across the Pond
    Updates on the 2068 scene. Knighted Computers has been licensing Spectrum titles for conversion to the 2068. Quicksilva, Virgin, Digital Integration and Durell’s lines are licensed. Zebra continues to innovate, introducing the OS-64 cartridge, ZTERM and Printshop clones. AERCO’s long anticipated CP/M has been launched as RP/M, a licensed version of CP/M for the 2068.


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