2068 Spectrum Joystick Port

Platform(s): TS 2068
Rarity: uncommon

This small joystick board Is designed to plug into your 2068 expansion board to emulate the Kempston Joystick interface. This interface is for use with a Spectrum emulator, ROM, or Romswitch and Spectrum software. It is supported by any Spectrum software that Is “Kempston compatible” looking to the software exactly like the real Kempston Joystick interface.

Hardware wise this interface differs from the real Kempston in the fact that the port is FULLY DECODED so that there can be no hardware conflicts when using this device with other hardware add-ons and your 2068.

This board features plated through holes and is easy to assemble.

The port itself will also function on the ZX81/TS1000/TS1500, but may fight other hardware on these machines that is not fully decoded (such as the Oliger TMS9918A Video Project) and machine code will be required on these computers to access the device located at Z80 port 1FH, as the ’81 lacks the “IN” command. Documentation included with the unit covers only its use with the TS2068 computer.

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