Game Changer Interface

Platform(s): TS 1000
Date: 1984
Price: $139.95
Rarity: uncommon

Cross-connects the Atari 2600 VCS and TS1000, allowing either to take control of whole blocks of shared memory. The shared memory includes the ROM inside the Atari game cartridge and shadow copies of that ROM in the TS1000 RAM. Using this system, you can download ROM games to your ZX/TS, disassemble the 6502 machine code, edit the game (or create a new one), and upload back to the 2600 to play the game.

The system consists of two double-sided plated-through PC boards. The mother board plugs into the back of the ZX/TS and connects via ribbon cable to the Atari VCS adapter board, which plugs into the VCS cartridge slot. A cartridge can plug onto the back of the adapter board.

The mother board contains 4 HM6116 (2K static ) RAMs and remaps internal RAM above their own 8K, for a total of 10K RAM in an unexpanded TS1000. The 4K above RAMTOP contains the actual VCS ROM image. This image moves to a 0 REM statement for manipulation by the ZX/TS machine. Game execution can be accomplished by transferring the game code to the bottom of RAM and controlling the ZX/TS bus.

Menu driven software, supplied on cassette, includes two programs in BASIC and machine code which download the cartridges (one for 2K and 4K games, one for 8K games), and a 6502 assembler and disassembler.

With an extra RAM chip on the interface, it works with the AERCO disk drive.

Documentation consists of 7 photocopied typewritten pages, including an installation sketch and a hand-drawn schematic, important memory map locations, and operating instructions.



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