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Tucson, AZ 85731
Owner(s): Bruce Taylor


This motherboard provides four 44-pin card connectors, room for wire wrap and voltage regulator. Eight chips are needed, five for buffers and three for decoding bi-directional data bus buffers. Budget Robotics & Computing purchased the rights to make and sell the Computer Continuum board in 1984.
ZX80 ZX81
Input/output board with 8 latched outputs (capable of driving an LED, transistor switch or relay) and 8 inputs (switched or TTL level). Can be used alone or with the Computer Continuum buffered expansion bus board for up to 32 simultaneous I/O lines. The RX81 was used in Bruce Taylor’s H.E.N.R.Y. robot, described in Robotics on
TS 1000 TS 2068



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    Excitement for First Annual Timex/Sinclair Computer Fest. Speakers include Mark Fendrick, Jerry Chamkis, Jack Roberts, Thomas Woods.
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    Updates on products from Budget Robotics and Computing, ROMPAK, Hunter, Oliger, Compusa, Softmark, W. T. Associates, Markel Software, D. Lipinski, Siriusware and Ace Software.
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    Cryptic Gold; fifth generation computing; ZX-Calc accounting system; budget robotics; graphics tablet from Zebra; programmer’s market; monitor tuners; Oddball Software Magazine.
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    ZX81 hardware expert Bruce Taylor, of Budget Robotics & Computing, has announced the release of his book, Build a Microcomputer-Controlled Robot and Other Computer Control Projects. David Clifford has Westridge 2050 boards available along with Mini-Xmod 1.7; is working on Mini-Xmod for the 2068. Review of Aerco’s FD-ZX Floppy Disk System. British companies supporting the



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