Cinagro Software

155 Seventh Street, Rochester, NY 14609

Initially advertising under the name Bob Berch, the company became Cinagro Software in July 1983.


Uncased board holds one 2716, 2732 or 2764, mapped 0-16K. Jumper selectable. Kit includes board, decoder chip, 28 pin socket, edge connector, tailpiece, small parts, and instructions.
TS 1000
Output RS-232 ASCII through MIC port. Software is 280 bytes of relocatable machine code; provides printing of characters, strings, program listings, and screen copying. Plans and listing.
TS 1000
Formerly Integer BASIC Compiler. Available on EPROM ($30) as of July 1983.
TS 1000
Two-pass assembler that supports symbolic expressions. Initially available separately. Available on EPROM.
Downloadable TS 1000 TS 1500


  • Dear Editor
    Cassette recorders; speed with 16K; jumping to program lines quickly; handling negative numbers; wirewrap edge connectors; replacing cassette jacks; techniques for saving memory variable space.
  • Save on Save and Load
    Collapse screen memory before saving.
  • Serial Printer Output Program
    Machine language program listing.
  • The Miracle Worker
    Review of ZX Compiler-Integer BASIC Compiler from Bob Berch.
  • To Buy or Not to Buy? Software
    Reviews of Mothership from Softsync, ZX Compiler from Bob Berch,
  • Vendor Report and notes
    Bob Berch changed his business name to Cinagro Software; DJM is now Starburst Software.
  • ZX81 Basic Compilers
    Overview of several compilers available in the early 1980s for the ZX81, including ZX Autocoder, MCODER, ZXpress, and The ZX Compiler.


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