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For the unexpanded TS1000, all 50 programs are in Basic with many user friendly statements to facilitate learning. Featuring plenty of graphics, the programs are mostly games/activities with a few utilities. All listings come complete with instructions and are packaged in a spiral bound book which lies flat for convenient referral.
TS 1000
Written specifically to introduce children 8-13 years old to the ZX81. Requires no previous knowledge of computers, algebra, or variables. Enables the child to program a ZX81 in less than an hour. Includes a section for parents and teachers.
ZX81 TS 1000
Chapter One โ€” Starting On TS2068 Games Setting up the T2068 Using This Book Chapter Two โ€” Designing ะขS2068 Games Introduction A Good Game How to Design a Good Game Chapter Three โ€” Number Games Crack the Combination Money Match Recognize the Enemy Chapter Four โ€” Word Games Awful Anagrams Pace the Plank Shrink Chapter
TS 2068
Contains more than 70 programs to help the reader get the most from his TS1000 or ZX81. Game programs include: Checkers, Alien Imploders, Blastermind, Moon Lander, Breakout, Star Burst, and Derby Day. Programs for cascading sine waves, plotting graphs and tables, data sorting, equation solving, plus the use of PLOT, SCROLL, PRINT, TAB, PEEk, POKE,
ZX81 TS 1000
A collection of over 80 of the most valuable articles, programs, tutorials, and reviews that appeared in Volume 1 (1981) of SYNC Magazine. A vital resource for users of the TS1000, ZX81, ZX80 with 8K ROM, ZX80, and MicroAce computers. Topics include: games, math applications, graphics techniques, programming tips and tutorials, translation from other Basics,
ZX80 MicroAce TS 1000
Practical programming manual for the beginner with the TS1000, ZX81, or ZX80. Furnishes over 70 fully documented programs. The majority have been written for easy conversion from machine to machine (ZX81 to ZX80 and vice versa). Describes each function and statement, illustrates it with a demonstration routine or program, combines it with previously discussed material.
ZX80 ZX81 TS 1000
50 ready-to-run educational programs demonstrate scores of different techniques for solving problems in mathematics, science, and business. 10 chapters deal with solving problems by formulas and repetitive trials, convergence, recursion, compounding, probability, geometry, science, simulations, and drill and practice. Some problems demonstrate the capabilities of the computer; others identify its shortcomings.
TS 1000
Assists ZX81 users in four application areas: graphics, information retrieval, education and games. The book includes scores of fully documented listings of short routines as well as complete programs. For the serious user, the book also includes a disassembled listing of the ZX81 ROM Monitor.
ZX81 TS 1000




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