Computers & Electronics (v22 n8)

Date: August 1984
Volume: 22
Issue: 8


  • Home Computer Games: Four Great Games For The Timex Sinclair 1000
    Reviews Mothership, Sea War, 3D Monster Maze and Mazogs.
  • Remarks from The Publisher ... Wayne Green
    The Timex people made some very serious marketing errors. Oh, they got the 1000 into tens of thousands of retailers and sold thousands by mail order. But selling a system to Middle America is a different ball game.
  • Add an RS-232 Port to Your ZX81
    Shows how to add a standard communications interface to the ZX81 – an RS-232 serial communications port that will let you access standard printers, modems, and other computers.
  • Sinclair Does It Again!
    Sinclair will soon be invading the U.S. with a low-cost (what else?) color computer featuring improved graphics and a truly “expanded” Basic.
  • Break Out with This Sinclair Interface
    Educate your ZX81 — teach it to talk to your H8 or some other outside device. Includes schematic for a buffered parallel connection and software for both computers.
  • Publisher's Remarks: Computer Games Wear Thin: When Will The Industry Grow Up?
    One of the more interesting cultural micro events in recent times was the visit of Clive Sinclair to Boston, where he did a show and tell of his ZX-81 system.
  • New Products: Portable Computer From Sinclair
    Sinclair Research Ltd., has introduced the ZX81 microcomputer. The Sinclair ZX81 is based upon an innovative four-chip design, and it measures just 6×6.5×1.5 inches and weighs 12 ounces.
  • Lowest Price Yet
    The Timex Computer Corp., with headquarters in Middlebury, CT, has announced the first computer priced under $100. The Timex Sinclair 1000 is compact, lightweight, fully-assembled, and priced at $99.95. Timex supports their computer with optional 32-column printer, telephone modem and 16K memory expansion module. Software for business, education and personal use will be available, according
  • Publisher's Remarks: Stay-at-Home Micros
    Clive Sinclair has been doing a first-rate job of getting his ZX-8 1 computers into the hands of people interested in learning about small computers. He’s been selling mostly via mail order so far. Starting in July, Timex will take over, selling the small computer through their chain of dealers.
  • What's So Difficult About ZX-80 Machine Code?
    Even inexperienced users unfamiliar with the ZX-80’s inner workings can program — in Zilog Z-80
  • A T-S 1000 Keyboard You Can Get Your Hands On
    The Timex-Sinclair 1000’s keyboard can be a nightmare to programmers and users. This article describes how to construct your own full-size, inexpensive keyboard.
  • Timex-Sinclair 2000
    New product announcement for the 2000, said to be made in 48K and 16K versions. A photo of a Spectrum and Sinclair printer accompanies the announcement.
  • Jupiter Goes Forth
    Announcement of availability of Jupter Ace from Data-assette.
  • Cassette to TS Interface
    Winky Board II interface announcement.
  • Four Add-Ons for Sinclair
    Product announcement for Memotech 32K RAM, High Resolution Graphics, Centronics Parallel Printer Interface and RS232 Printer Interface Memopaks.
  • Memopak: Expand the Memory of your ZX-81 to 64K
    Review of the Memotech Memopak 64K unit.
  • Flight Simulation
    Review of Sinclair Research’s Flight Simulator.
  • The Parrot Brings Speech to the TS
    Product announcement for The Parrot from R.I.S.T., a plug-in speech module. Generates 64 allophones (SC-01?).
  • VIC, TS Software
    Product announcement for Wordplay, Dr. Floyd and Graphics PAC 1 from Apropos Technology.
  • Math, and More Math
    Product announcement for Micro Math, a series of educational math programs for the Timex Sinclair 1000, Commodore PET and VIC-20 computers.
  • Low-Cost Housing For the ZX-81
    Give your ZX-81 a portable home with this Porta ’81 project. Fitting a ZX-81 and accessories in a briefcase.
  • Up A Notch
    Letter to the editor about coverage of Sinclair computers in Microcomputing Magazine.
  • No Connection
    Correction to “A TS-1000 Keyboard You Can Get Your Hands On” from the April 1983 issue of Microcomputing. Includes corrected keyboard schematic.
  • Two "Small Wonder" Errors
    Correction to “A Small Wonder,” March 1983 Microcomputing article.
  • A Small Wonder
    Think the Sinclair “toy” computer is too small for serious applications? Well, here’s a file manager program that lest you create, delete, list and retrieve records with the best of them.
  • TS-1000 Cassette Interface
    Product announcement for Z-Dubber cassette interface from Bytesize Computer Products.
  • Break the 1K Barrier
    Double the ZX81 RAM to 2K with a 6116 static RAM.
  • Timex-Sinclair Programs
    Brief descriptions of several of Human Engineered Software’s programs. Budget Master 1000, 2K Programmer Kit, Reversi 1000, 2K Trek, 3D Maze, Astro 1000 and Cosmic Invaders are mentioned.
  • The Little Computer That Could
    Tips for the Timex-Sinclair 1000 on improving the screen display, programming and formatting characters and graphics.
  • A Sinclair Quick Fix
    Machine code routine to write and read data tapes.
  • Club Notes: San Diego Timex/Sinclair Group
  • VU-Calc: An inexpensive Spreadsheet program For the Timex-Sinclair
    Review of VU-Calc.
  • Science and Your Timex-Sinclair
    Brief review of the FDZX1 Interface Board from Group Technology. Board allows for automatic measurement, data acquisition and instrument control.
  • Seeking a Cheap Output?
    This article describes how to construct your own simple and inexpensive output line. The project is ideal for low-end micro owners whose computers lack output ports. Interfacing techniques given for the Timex Sinclair using phototransistors and the TV.
  • Hexing Your Timex-Sinclair
    If you want to program animated graphics on your TS-1000 or ZX-81, machine code is the only way to go. But using that tiny keyboard for decimal entry can be a disaster. In this article, Microcomputing author Jim Stephens describes how to proram in hexadecimal. Includes connecting a calculator keypad as a hex keypad to


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