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Business Forecasting: Uses moving average method. Ratio Analysis: Uses current ratio, net profit to sales, investment turnover, earnings on interest, inventory turnover. Break EvenAnalysis: Uses break down of costs. Try Before You Buy: Calculates monthly cost.
TS 1000
Designed to work with E-Z Bookkeeping but can be used alone. Keeps up to 200 checks in one file. Checks are numbered automatically; categorize by account or vendor number. Enter a number and the name is typed for you. Accounts and vendors can be changed. 16K.
TS 1000
For small business, department in a large business, homemaker. Set up numbered accounts; vendor list. Take expenses from check book and/or receipts and enter. Computer categorizes and totals for last period, totals to date.
TS 1000
Look at blocks of memory; load hex code from the keyboard; see the results of program run register by register, flag by flag. Converts hex to decimal and vice versa.
ZX80 ZX81
Enter text line by line or a paragraph at a time. Edit function allows editing in any way on each line. Shift a line position one space at a time, left or right, center lines. 16-64K.
TS 1000




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