Gator Software Development

613 Parkside Circle, Streamwood, IL 60107
Owner(s): Bob Swoger

Bob was an enthusiastic supporter of the Timex/Sinclair community. He released his own program, LogiCall, and distributed Derek Ashton’s 747 Flight Simulator.


Released by Derek Ashton’s company, D.A.C.C. Requires Spectrum ROM.
TS 2068
Menu-driven overlay for LarKen LKDOS. It handles file management functions and included utilities and improvements made to the BASIC drivers of many popular TS2068 programs. LogiCall reduced the number of keystrokes required for LarKen’s LKDOS. All the keys labeled by TIMEX for DOS operation worked without being preceded by RANDOMIZE USR 100 or PRINT #4.
TS 2068



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