ZXir QLive Alive! v3 n2

Date: Summer 1993
Volume: 3
Issue: 2


  • From the Chairmans Desk
  • SPDOS or yet another T/S 2068 disk DOS
  • RecordKeeping
    While there are a few ‘DataBase’ softwares available for the 2068 such as PROFILE, I like to roll my own program. I needed some kind of simple record to keep track of the membership list. Of course this program can be used for any other data keeping function. 1000 records, 32 characters each and 3K
  • Input/Output
    Letters from Terry Graham, Edward Radtke, Wayne Knaust, Greg Newkirk, Dan Elliott, Fred Henn, Alexander Sweitzer, William Hanes, Albert Seyler, Les Cottrell.


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