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390 Rutherford Ave, Redwood, CA 95061
Owner(s): Jack Dohany

Jack Dohany worked in the electronics industry as a field engineer from 1962 to 1970. After seeing the Vietnam War up close, he became a pacifist and eventually left his job.

Jack took up woodworking in 1970 and started a business called The Merry Toymaker, which he ran until 2009.  He sold his toys mainly at craft fairs and did no advertising.

Jack passed away in 2019.


Customizable printer driver for parallel (Centronics) printers. While it was written for the CP-68 parallel printer interface, it does work with other parallel printer interfaces.
Downloadable TS 2068
EPROM to correct bugs in the 2068 ROM.
TS 2068
Collection of fonts, user defined graphics and font editor/manager.
TS 2068
This program allows you to enter the TIMEX BASIC keywords, one letter at a time. This is useful to those who have custom keyboards without legends. You can toggle this feature on and off with a PRINT USR statement.
Downloadable TS 2068
Machine language word processor developed exclusively for the Timex 2068 by Micro Systems Software, Inc., the authors of MTERM II (Smart Terminal II). It is the only popular word processor that takes advantage of the Timex 2068 64 column extended screen mode for a 64×22 text display. Other features include full control of text width
Downloadable TS 2068
Public domain package to read a Dallas Semiconductor SmartWatch clock/calendar chip. The device installed in the 2068 under the Home ROM.
TS 2068
This emulator consisted of a 32K EPROM that replaced the 16K ROM. The EPROM contained the 2068 operating system in the lower half, and Spectrum operating system in the upper half. Errors in both operating systems were corrected. Error correction is detailed in documentation. The lower or upper half of the 32K EPROM is selected
TS 2068
Renumber, REM kill, list variables or compact program. Adapted by Jack Dohany from a program by John Charlesworth printed in Your Computer vol 4. no 4.
Downloadable TS 2068
Word processor with graphics capabilities, and with optional graphic designer, LQ fonts and desktop publisher. Optional featured required an Epson-type dot matrix printer. Word-Master was written for the Spectrum by Paul Sneesby and Barry Parkinson, of PCG Software in England. Jack Dohany customised, sold and supported it in the US. Word-Master was a full-featured “extendable”
TS 2068



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