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Jameco is an electronics and surplus supply house. They sell electronic components, kits and tools to hobbyists. Around 1983, they produced a full keyboard kit and a keyboard overlay, in addition to carrying the Timex/Sinclair 1000 and a number of accessories.


Kit allows the use of either the full-size keyboard or the Sinclair/Timex keyboard. Full-size industrial grade keyboard with 62 keys, 2 p.c. boards, 18″ ribbon cable, DIP socket and 4 rubber feet. The keyboard conversion kit can be mounted in DTE-AK enclosure. A label representing the ZX81/1000 keyboard layout is placed on the enclosure.
TS 1000
Adhesive overlay for the TS 1000 keyboard. Raised outline around each key aids in positioning. Key labeling is all white with a thick white border around each key.
TS 1000
As captain of the Starship Columbia, you must save Earth from the infamous Scyons. Your ship is equipped with warp and hyper light drive, phasers, and photon torpedoes. Their capabilities are reduced each time your ship is hit by enemy fire. Can you stop the enemy cruiser before the Scyons plunder Earth? 16K.
TS 1000
You are a savvy Wall Street investor speculating in stocks, real estate, precious metals, minerals, and the money markets. You have limited dollars to invest which will put you on Easy Street or into the Poor House A financial advisor is available to assist you but he is not always right, and he is expensive.
TS 1000



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