Micro Developments

2000 Center Street, Berkeley, CA 94704

Expanders from Micro Developments connected to each other via 16 pin ribbon cables.


Provides two channels of ADC and two channels of DAC. 8-bit resolution is obtained in 100 microseconds. The I/O command requires a single line of PEEK or POKE. Sample programs are provided and simple applications are suggested, e.g., temperature measurements and an interactive servo circuit. Programs are also provided which show the user how to
TS 1000
Timer/clock, beeper and switch input interface. The clock is a 15 bit stopwatch and uses 2 of the 16 bytes available on the I/O board. It has a resistor/capacitor time base, can be switched for 0.1 or 1.0 second intervals. An independent beeper is on the board and an extra output bit is available to
TS 1000
Provides a buffered bus that decodes the address lines and inhibits the internal 1K RAM (and external 16K RAM) when I/O is selected. Up to 8 byte-wide ports. Connects to the ZX-81 via a custom cable.
TS 1000


  • Bulletins
    Updates from Hawg Wild, Silicon Valley North, Daydesign, T-S Systems, Intercomputer, Mindware, Micro Developments, DK’tronics, MicroSync, Florida Creations, Len Harmon, Filesixty, Data-assette.
  • Input/Output Board lets you add on peripherals
    Micro Developments’ I/O boards.



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