Timex Sinclair User n1

Volume: 1
Issue: 1


  • Timexpectations: What Can You Expect?
    What to expect from the magazine and future Timex products.
  • Clive runs up $200 million
    Sinclair Research valued at $204 million with the launch of the Spectrum.
  • The invasion of the U.K. softwarecrats
  • Here comes the 1500!
    Brief overview of the 1500 and mention of the impending 2000.
  • Sinclair's searching for super software
    Sinclair Software is advertising for software, set up a clearing house for software.
  • Roll up for the ZX circus
    Reporting on Sinclair events in the UK.
  • Fun In The Carrotpatch
    Review of Packrabbit.
  • Flying Your T/S1000
    Review of Night Gunner.
  • Points Lost for Program Flaw
    By skillfully piloting your ship through space and firing at enemy craft, you must protect your convoy from destruction in Cosmos, You must direct your ship near an alien and fire your laser before it gets away. Points are scored by destroying alien ships.
  • Aliens Attack Again
    In Invasion Force, you control a laser base and must shoot through a moving force field and destroy an alien ship. If you hit a black blob in the moving force field, all your damage to the ship is repaired. Smaller ships fly by and drop bombs on you. The game ends when you run
  • Happy Simulated Landings
    With the Flight Simulation program you must land your airplane successfully on the runway without crashing. Sitting in the cockpit, your control panel shows your speed, altitude, fuel and power. The top of viewing window for the landing.
  • Link to the real world
    Review of Down East Computing’s VOTEM, an all-purpose voltage and temperature measuring system designed to interface with the TS1000, ZX81 computer or any Z80 based system.
  • Now your computer talks back
    Brief of the DCP Speech pack.
  • Word processing potential
    Brief article about the Memotech parallel printer interface.
  • Back-up system for data
    Short overview of the ZX-99 RS232C and tape control system.
  • Input/Output Board lets you add on peripherals
    Micro Developments’ I/O boards.
  • Meet the man who clogged up Connecticut's phone system
    Interview with Dan Ross.
  • How I started a user group
    Sue Mahoney formed the Sinclair Timex User Group, a special interest group under the Boston Computer Society.
  • Program Printout: Rear Gunner
    Rear Gunner is a program included specifically for the computer novice, to demonstrate the use of graphics mode and the maneuvering of a display under cursor control.
  • Program Printout: Phasor
    Remarkable graphics effects are the striking feature of Phasor for the 16K TS1000, ZX81. You are an infamous space pirate travelling home through hyperspace after a hard day’s murder and mayhem.
  • Program Printout: Lemonade
    You are the budding entrepreneur of a lemonade stand, trying to outsell your rivals and lay the foundations of a fast food empire.
  • Program Printout: London Bridge
    London Bridge calls for nerve, thought and luck. The display is a graphic representation of the bridge, seen from above. The roadway is made up of a random mix of numbers 1 to 5, representing five types of flagstone. You must cross to the other bank but as you would expect, the bridge is falling
  • Program Printout: Probability
    Poisson’s formula is a method of calculating the possibilities of recurrence of an event, based on a number of occurrences in the past. This program implements the formula.
  • Program Printout: Beethoven
    Program to play tunes via the television speaker.
  • A personal computer with many office applications
    Biers describes using the TS1000 for business applications. He also authored several programs for business, incuding Business Pack I, Business Pack II and Personal Financial Planning Pack, all published by Gladstone Electronics.
  • Inside the T/S1000, ZX81
    Description of the hardware that makes up these computers.
  • Let the structure flow and you are well on the way
    Part one of a step-by-step guide to teach readers how to program. Article discusses flowcharting programs.
  • This book is clear, witty, useful
    Review of Timex Sinclair 1000: Programs, Games and Graphics by Ian Stewart.
  • Machine language simplified
    Review of Machine Language Made Simple For Your Sinclair ZX80 and ZX81.
  • Follow our golden rules for better SAVEs and LOADs
    Tips for saving and loading.
  • Lifetime's obsession can easily be acquired
    Advice for new and prospective TS1000 owners.


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