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2307 Adanac St., Abbotsford, B.C., Canada V25 4T1


Dare to challenge this mysterious castle, and you are in for a perilous adventure. The keep is made up randomly of 20 rooms and 2 levels. Various treasures and weapons are in the rooms you search, along with monsters and obstacles which block your way. The computer gives a detailed description of each room and
TS 1000
Split the rocks with lasers. Complexity increases as you play. 16K.
TS 1000
You must line up the approaching ship before he opens fire and then fry him with your lasers. At first one of three different spacecraft comes into view in the distance. As it gets closer it becomes larger and increases in detail, giving a 3-D effect. 16K.
TS 1000
Beware of goblins as you move through this full screen maze, gobbling up dots for points. If you eat a power capsule, you can chomp on the goblins and gain extra points. With three skill levels. 16K.
TS 1000



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