T-S Horizons n4

Date: March 1984
Issue: 4


  • Enter
    Timex no lnger in the computer business.
  • News Analysis
    Analysis of the entirety of Timex and impact of economic factors on all elements of its business.
  • Reader Input
    Concerns about an early contributor; kudos from readers.
  • Gosubs
    Short programs contributed by readers.
  • Hardware Hints
    Pinouts of the TS2068 edge connector and dock connector.
  • Simpson's Rule
    Program that implements a method to determine the integral of a continuous function over an interval.
  • Bank Switching for the TS 1000, Part 1
  • Error Recovery
    Techniques and programming examples to recover from user errors.
  • Converting to Timex Sinclair Basic
    Review of the book by Stuart Bird, published by Wayne Green Books.
  • The BASIC Handbook
    Review of the book by David Lien, published by Compusoft Publishing.
  • DK'Tronics 16K Uncased Memory Board
    Review of the uncased memory board for use with the same company’s keyboard. Product is flawed, according to reviewer.
    Review of the program.
  • Tantalizing Games for the Timex/Sinclair 2000 Series
    Review of the book.
  • Mined-Out
    Review of the game, from Quicksilva.
  • TS News
    Sinclair QL announced. Updates from vendors. Timex Sinclair User taken over by another company; new issue promised.


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