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Powerful, easy to learn and use text and graphics processing program. Features include text entry, full screen edit, text listing, searching, block move and delete and two string replacement commands. The print command allows you to preset both right and left margins and tab positions, enter the desired number of lines per page, and the
TS 1000


  • Alpha Strings$
    Correction to A&J article in n14; RAM chips from Jameco; adjustments to WORM program; Callisto Software’s ZX Hi-Res.
  • Bits and Pieces
    News about Sinclair Research Ltd., two Timex-based BBSes join FidoNet, SOFTAID fundraising cassette, update on Timex Portugal. Shorter updates on MSCRIPT, RMG Enterprises, an RS-232 interface from Edward Loxterkamp, speech software from Tad Painter, software from Frank Lockhart, Jim Clatfelter and Peter McMullin.
  • Extended Basic For The TS1000/ZX81
    Review of Thomas Woods’ Extended Basic. It is an extension/BASIC interpreter which lives in a 3.5K long 0 REM statement. All commands are entered after an initial REM statement on a line; multiple statements can be entered with a colon.
  • Latest Vendor News
    Updates on products and services from vendors.
  • SCROLL outwards
  • The Text Line
    Listing to display a line of text expanding from the center of the screen.
  • TMS9918A Video Upgrade For The TS1000
    As can be expected with any major hardware upgrade, there are a few conflicts when the Oliger video system is used in conjunction with other equipment. Summarizes the fixes we and others have come up with to date.
  • Try These
    Each line of text appears to scroll outwards into place from the center of the screen.
  • Word Sinc II.5 & Wordfont: TS1000 Review
    If you’re looking for a general use word processor program for home use, WORD SINC II.5 might just be for you. Although several people who have used the earlier versions of WORD SINC, including myself, did not care for the program, this adaptation has several features that make it worth buying.
  • ZX 81 News and Resources
    Bug alert for Aerco CP-ZX ver 2.2 centronics interface. Review of JLO Video Upgrade Project (TMS9918A). Hardware User Report: JLO Video Upgrade Project Just what sort of peripheral is this video project? Let me begin with a sweeping analogy: the Video Upgrade Project is just like a video monitor, a disk interface, or a full-size
  • ZX 81 News and Resources
    ZX81 hardware expert Bruce Taylor, of Budget Robotics & Computing, has announced the release of his book, Build a Microcomputer-Controlled Robot and Other Computer Control Projects. David Clifford has Westridge 2050 boards available along with Mini-Xmod 1.7; is working on Mini-Xmod for the 2068. Review of Aerco’s FD-ZX Floppy Disk System. British companies supporting the
  • ZX Resources
    Larken disk system; Eprom Services Programmer, MODified Shapes for T/S.
  • ZX81 Hardware & Software News
    Updates on word processing, printing to full size printers, John Oliger video upgrade, hardware, software suppliers. Tips for programming in BASIC.
  • ZX81 Hardware & Software News
    Notes about John Oliger’s video upgrade project, running machine code in upper memory, ZX81 disk systems from Larken and AERCO. Also includes mention of the Oliger disk system for the TS 2068 and CP/M from AERCO. Short review of Sinc-Artist and notes about James Hastings-Trew’s other code offerings.
  • ZX81 Hardware and Software News
    Short notes on ZX81/TS1000. This issue includes brief info on Larken, COMPUSA, Aerco and Oliger 1000/2068 disk systems. Also, why Aerco CP/M was never released. Short reviews of Sinc-Artist for the 2068 and ZX HI-Res. And one user, a Kolorworks owner, mentions writing a TMS9918 toolkit for the ZX81.
  • ZX81 Hardware News
    Notes about Gladstone 64K RAM pack, a 5″ monitor, Word Sinc II, Oliger ZX81 Video Upgrade.
  • ZX81 News
    Round-up of resources for ZX81/TS 1000 users. Includes Tom Wood’s Extended BASIC.
  • ZX81 News & Resources
    Note about a bug in the AERCO CP2.2 ROM. Report on the John Oliger TMS9918 Video Upgrade.
  • ZX81 News & Resources
    Bruce Taylor’s budget robotics book, Westridge 2050 modems, AERCO FD-ZX floppy disk system,
  • ZX81 News & Resources
    AERCO and Larken disk systems for ZX81/TS 1000 available. Reports on difficulties with Mini XMOD. Silicon Mountain Computer products discussed.



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