Richard Booth

Sherman Fairchild Laboratory, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA 18015
Owner(s): Richard Booth


Subroutines for applied math and plotting routines, for both TS 1000 and TS 2068. Available with cassette.
TS 1000 TS 2068


  • Applied Sinclair: Subroutines for the Mathematically-Minded
    This publication is, in a word, “impressive”. To complement his powerful cadre of subroutines, which are capable of handling some rather formidable problems from applied math, Booth has also included some very elegant plotting routines, which, used in conjunction with the numerical programs through a (simply written) main program will actually plot the solution for
  • For Your Support
    Product announcements from Softaid, TEJ Computer Products, G. Russell Electronics, Integrated Data Systems, Sharp’s, Richard Booth, J. Keene, Pratt Programs, Robotron Industries, Knighted Computers, Ray Rash and Fred Nachbaur.
  • T-S News
    Midwest Timex-Sinclair Computerfest coming. Byte-Back still in business. AN-TO Productions carries line of plastic keyboard overlays for the TS2068, for use with Tasword and MScript. English Micro Connection carries Spectrum games. Zebra Systems selling TS1510 cartridge doc and three cartridges. Applied Sinclair: Subroutines and Programs for the Mathematically Inclined available from Richard Booth. Hacksel Electronics
  • Try This
    Get a small AM radio and tune it for best response. Then press RUN and NEWLINE. Note the sound as you press NEWLINE. The display may be ignored.


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