Tad Painter

Tad produced software and hardware for the Timex computers to support digitizing and playing back voice samples. His speech synthesizer software played back pre-recorded word samples.

He later went on to make products for the Atari ST computers as Seymor-Radix. On Seymor-Radix product digitized images through an optical sensor attached to the print head on the userโ€™s printer.


Amplifier unit allows complete control over speech volume. Works with 9V battery included.
TS 1000 TS 2068
Hardware for 2068 owners to create their own vocabularies. Plugs into ear socket. Spoken words are digitized and stored in memory automatically. Allows for an unlimited vocabulary. Can digitize other sounds as well as special effects.
Downloadable TS 2068
Filtered connector plug conditions speech signal for use with external amplifiers such as AUO1. Plugs between MIC and amp. Internal speaker may be disabled by program if desired.
TS 1000 TS 2068
Scaled down version of speech synthesizer for TS 2068. Consists of same vocabularies with less programmability. Uses a fast machine language program. Sound is heard through TV speaker or through an external amplifier plugged into the MIC jack. Includes eleven programs, two demonstration and nine libraries. Each library contains twenty to thirty words. No additional
TS 1000 TS 1500
Machine language program, multiple vocabularies, flexible memory requirements, very intelligible. Nine programs include 273 high quality digitized words in variable length cells. Words can be played back in any order under program control. Each library contains seventy to eighty words or phrases. Sound is heard through the TS 2068’s internal speaker and is available at
Downloadable TS 2068
Full function alarm clock announces time at selectable intervals. The alarm will BEEP and announce the time for two minutes or until turned off. The screen is set up with both analog (hands) and digital displays for high visibility. Perfect for when your computer is just sitting around between uses. No additional software or hardware
TS 2068
Study biorhythms with this talking program. Plots physical, emotional, and intellectual graphs for any time in the future or past for any person. Can help you learn to predict your peaks and lows. Verbally prompts for dates and announces number of days lived.
TS 2068
Zap as many enemy ships as possible without running out of energy. Verbal messages let you know how you are doing. There are ten levels of play ranging from very easy to very difficult. Uses joystick or keyboard to aim and shoot lasers. Secret tactics let you gain an advantage, if you can figure them
TS 2068


  • Bits and Pieces
    News about Sinclair Research Ltd., two Timex-based BBSes join FidoNet, SOFTAID fundraising cassette, update on Timex Portugal. Shorter updates on MSCRIPT, RMG Enterprises, an RS-232 interface from Edward Loxterkamp, speech software from Tad Painter, software from Frank Lockhart, Jim Clatfelter and Peter McMullin.
  • For Your Support
    Column announcing hardware, software for Timex/Sinclair owners. Products from Bruce Taylor, Fred Nachbaur, Tom Woods, John Oliger, Jack Donahy, 21st Century Electronics, Zebra Systems, Steve Wyatt, G. Russell Electronics and Tad Painter listed.
  • Review: TS2068 Speech Synthesizer
    Same as the TS1000 reviewed in Fall 1985 issue with enhancements based on the greater power of the TS2068.
  • Speech Synthesizer for the TS-1000
    Software speech synthesizer for the TS1000 and TS2058.


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