SUM v3 n6

Date: June 1985
Volume: 3
Issue: 6


  • The Consumer Electronics Show: A First-Hand Report
    The most recent CES was held in early June in Chicago. SUM attended the show in hopes of getting a better feel for the industry, of seeing Sinclair, and of making contacts with possible suppliers of Timex and Sinclair products.
  • 2068 Graphics for the Beginner
    Using trigonometry to generate graphics on the 2068.
  • A Review of the Sinclair Spectrum Plus
    Review of Spectrum+ and modifications to make it work better with NTSC TVs and monitors.
  • Additional Notes on the Spectrum Plus
    The Spectrum Plus comes with an excellent manual printed in full color. Only 80 pages counting the index, the User Guide does not cover as much as the 2068 manual does (no sound synthesizer to talk about or hi-res graphics) but is packed with info in a smaller print done double column with color screen
  • Keyboard Template for Tasword II Users
    The template shown will make the experience of using the computer more pleasant. The templates that I use were made for the Spectrum, but fit the 2068 with little alteration.
  • Latest Vendor News
    Updates on products and services from vendors.


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