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Output grey-scale screen copies of color screen images to your printer equipped with a TASMAN interface.
TS 2068
Available in Centronics and RS-232 versions. Supplied with 3′ cable and driver software.
TS 2068
Allows you to print documents in 5 different type-styles. Provides underline, boxed and inverse printing. All type fonts have true descenders and may be merged with TASWORD TWO or your own BASIC programs. Requires TASMAN printer interface.
TS 2068
This is utility lets you print in 64 columns, including program listings, by using a 4×8 narrow font. The code loads at location 63222 and is 2146 bytes long. You should use a CLEAR 63221 before loading it. To use it, just make a call once then PRINT CHR$ 3 and clear the screen to
Downloadable TS 2068
Full featured word processor for the TS2068. Features
Downloadable TS 2068



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