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Interface to one Thurnall device. Uses Zilog PIO. Fully decoded, so it doesn’t conflict with other devices. Interfacing to more than one device requires the Thurnall motherboard.
TS 1000
Use with Thurnall I/O board to switch low-current household equipment.
TS 1000
8 LED output; displays binary equivalent of the data on one port of the Thurnall I/O board.
TS 1000
Provides a byte-wide input interface to the Thurnall I/O board.
TS 1000
Use with Thurnall I/O board to switch low voltage devices.
TS 1000
Required the Thurnall I/O board to interface to the computer.
TS 1000
Expansion board for use with other Thurnall modules. Required to connect more than one device to the I/O board; connect up to four Thurnall modules.
TS 1000
Programmable sound unit with built in loudspeaker, allow programmable generation of a whole range of rounds from music to special effects.
TS 1000


  • Editor Ramblings
    Mistakes in November 1982 issue. Sinclair pocket TV. US Spectrum sales. Printer news. RAM pack ribbon connector. Floppy disk for the TS/ZX. TRS-80 to ZX/TS. Supporting vendors swamped. Super Talker speech synthesizer. ZON X-81 synthesizer. Computer control devices from Thurnall Electronics.
  • The Thurnall System
    The TE devices are a sound investment: They are well built and at a reasonable price for Sinclair expansion. If you do not have any electronic experience or applications along those lines, you will probably be interested only in the parallel port and the joysticks.




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