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An interactive adventure written in the classic style. Over 100 words of vocabulary. Written in BASIC, it is listable and may be SAVEd in progress. 16K.
TS 1000
Kit includes all parts necessary to build a plug in cartridge that will accept 2716, 2732, or 2764 EPROMs. Board may be memory mapped in 4K or 8K increments anywhere from 0-16K. Board accepts one EPROM and the memory mapping is jumper selectable.
TS 1000
Schematic, documentation and software listing for 24 line input/output port that can be used to program 2716, 2732 and 2764 EPROMs.
TS 1000
You must find and enter a secret castle, locate a magic medallion (defeating the wizard in the process), and escape with your life. More than 200 words of vocabulary. 16K.
TS 1000
ROM cartridge that plugs between the computer and RAM pack, printer, etc. The toolkit portion contains commands that will renumber, delete, generate, shorten, byte dump, search and replace and more. The graphics commands include: scroll up, down, left and right; invert screen; fill screen; turn background; define. The cartridge uses 12K to 16K block of
TS 1000



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