Wiley Press

Somerset, NJ 08873

Wiley Press published books for Timex users and documents for Timex Computer Corporation, including the quick reference guides for the TS 1000/1500 and TS 2068.


A step-by-step guide to the capabilities and limitations of the TS1000/ZX81. Teaches TS1000 Basic programming, and includes 37 programs of increasing complexity as examples. Programs for games, math, graphs & graphics.
TS 1000
A light translation of The ZX Spectrum Explored by the same author. Does not reference upgrades made to the TS 2068.
TS 2068
This simple, step-by-step guide makes programming your Timex Sinclair 2068 easy! It contains 50 ready-to-use programs– instructional, enjoyable, and useful programs that let you get the most out of all the graphics, sound, and color capabilities this affordable, portable computer has to offer. You don’t need any previous computer experience to get these programs running!
TS 2068
What can I do with my Timex 1000, Timex 1500, or ZX81? The answer may surprise you. Don’t let its price fool you. The Timex Sinclair may be inexpensive, but it packs a lot of computing punch– when it’s programmed right. Programming your Timex Sinclair to do useful work– or to have fun– is easy
ZX81 TS 1000




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