SYNC v1 n2

Date: March/April 1981
Volume: 1
Issue: 2


  • The Amazing Active Display and Breakout
    Review of a utility program and game.
  • Product Preview
    Mentions CAI Instruments devices, graphics device from Innovision, speech recognition unit from Voicetek and Sinclair 8K ROM and 16K RAM pack.
  • Growth Plans and Pains: An Interview with Nigel Searle
    Nigel Searle [was] Sinclair’s man in Boston. He [was] responsible for operations in the United States and Canada of Sinclair Research Ltd.
  • Letters
    Our Face is Red!; Four Tips for MicroAce Owners; Channel 2 Interference Problem Cure.
  • An Interview with Alfred Milgram
    Alfred Milgram, president of Melbourne House and David Ahl chat about the ZX80, Sinclair Research, and two new books.
  • Micro Juice
    Owners of the Sinclair ZX80 and MicroAce rapidly discover that interruptions of power can cause headaches, not to mention the necessity for re-keying programs.
  • Using the Microace with Sinclair Accessories
    Modifications to allow the Microace to use Sinclair accessories. The 16K RAM module is completely compatible with the MicroAce 1K Kit: the unit can be simply plugged on the back. 8K Basic ROM: the MicroAce kit comes with two track cuts on board, on both sides of pin 21 of the ROM chip. You also
  • Video Modifications for the ZX80
    Inverted and direct video.
  • Memory Display
    The Memoir Display Program presents 16 bytes of memory in binary, octal, decimal, and character. You can enter a one to four-digit hexadecimal starting address, or hit NEWLINE, if you want to continue without a new entry.
  • How to Produce a Display File Using Machine Code
    In the ZX80 the display file is the part of the RAM which holds the next picture to be shown. A complete picture is made up of 24 lines which can be from to 32 characters in length. The display file has an initial delimiting “118”. and another delimiting “118” to mark the end of
  • Game of Life
  • Artillery
  • Widget
    Widget is a relative of the games Hammurabi and Lemonade Stand, in which the player allocates his resources for the best effect. As the player, you are the head of the United Widget Company, trying to expand your business as rapidly as possible without going broke.
  • DATA Statement Simulation
  • Truth in Programming
    It’s time for a little truth in programming, time for a bit of logic. Why let your programs slave away with boring numbers when they can deal with such fascinating concepts as truth and falsity? The logical capabilities of the Sinclair represent one of the best ways to shorten and speed up programs. Many programers
  • The Home Computer Market, the ZX80 and the Future
    Excerpts of a speech given to the Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey, December 11, 1980.
  • Making Music with the ZX80
  • Tic Tac Toe or Noughts and Crosses
    On a computer with a very limited amount of memory (1K) even a simple game like Tic Tac Toe might be a problem to fit. This version of the well known game is short and simple, anyone will be able to understand it.
  • The ZX80 Companion - A Review
  • The ZX80 Magic Book - A Review
  • Review: ZX80 Pocket Book
  • Review: ZX80 Programs
  • Disassembled BASIC - A Review
    Linsac has published a disassembled listing of the Sinclair Basic.
  • Resources for the ZX80 and MicroAce (Sync v1 n2)
    Companies and organizations with products related to the ZX80.


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