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EPROM (2716) used with the CAI/O board. Converts Sinclair code to ASCII code, allowing the TS1000 to communicate with other computers and serial devices. Supports BAUD rates of 110 to 9600.
TS 1000
TS 1000
The CAI/ESF (Exatron Stringy Floppy) used endless-loop tapes and a small operating system to perform many of the functions available on disk operating systems. It could load or store 27K bytes in less than 30 seconds.
TS 1000
Main interface. RS232, 3 ports parallel IO, printer port, tape port, memory expansion port. Replaced “Widget”.
TS 1000
40-column thermal printer that prints all TS1000 and ZX81 alpha-numerics and graphics. Used with either a mini-interface ($20) or the CAI/O board. Printer has six modes of print: screen dump, print listing, and print string, each of which may be printed in normal or expanded style.
TS 1000
TS 1000
TS 1000
May have been a standard modem; CAI/O Board had RS-232.
TS 1000
ASCII firmware, modem and modem cable. This with the CAI/O board allows the TS1000 to communicate with mini and mainframe computers.
TS 1000
EPROM is contained in the ASCII firmware. When used with the CAI/O board, allows the user to communicate with other computers and with serial devices such as printers and teletypes. Supports BAUD rates of 110 to 9600.
TS 1000
TS 1000
Interface board allows ZX80 to communicate through serial (RS232) port and parallel TTL input and output ports.
32 column thermal printer; prints on 3.2″ wide paper. Supports Sinclair BASIC printing commands and screen dump.
TS 1000
Standard cassette recorder modified for computer control. Offers file directory, read/write from programs. Uses endless loop tapes.
ZX80 TS 1000
TS 1000


  • 16K RAM Approved; New Interface
    Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved Sinclair’s 16K RAM for the U.S. market. C.A.I. Instruments has completed work on three interfaces.
  • ASCII Program for ZX/TS Computer
    CAI just announced an ASCII program to let the ZX/TS computers equipped with CAI/O boards operate as a standard ASCII CRT terminal.
  • CAI Offers Computer Network Package
    CAI now offers a network package including Lexicon 11 modem, ASCII modem and cable.
  • CAI Peripherals Update
    CAI Instruments will ship their first Widgets the week of Sept. 21.
  • CAI Printer Update
    CAI Instruments will offer software components to make their Widget printer compatible with both 4K and 8K ROMs.
  • CAI Ships Widgets
    At press time, CAI’s Bob Swann confirmed reader reports- 100’s of Widgets shipped. Expect printers in 2 wks, tape drives in 4. Widgets chew up the top 4K of memory – 2 for tape and 2 for printer.
  • CAI Update
    CAI Instruments is almost ready with their Widget series peripherals for ZX80s and MicroAces.
  • CAI/ESF Stringy Floppy
  • Convert Your CAI Stringy Floppy to Store Variables Within the BASIC Program Just As The Cassette Does
  • Editor Ramblings
    We intend to bring to you ready to run programs of interest for both the beginner and advanced computerist. Robert Swan of CAI promises several accessories, including a printer, RS-232 interface, 48K RAM, modem and stringy floppy.
  • Editor Ramblings
    Gladstone selling Sinclair thermal printer. Gladstone replacement keyboard also mentioned. Memotech GP-100 printer. CAI/40 printer from CAI. Timex demo booths at K-Mart. Winky board. Mistakes in Sept 1982 issue. Run-It Software Club.
  • Highlights of the May Meeting
    Sue Mahoney brought a prototype of the TS-1500. Dan Roy presented a prototype of COLORSIN81 and the CAI/Exatron stringy floppy. An article about the COLORSIN81 will appear in the July/August 1983 issue of Sync. Discussion about the incompatibility of Memotech RAM units and TS 2040 printer.
  • Interfacing a Real Printer to the Timex/Sinclair 1000
    Author uses the CAI/O interface board to connect his upgraded MicroAce to an Okidata Microline 92.
  • New Prices from CAI
    CAI Instruments announced new prices for their ZX peripherals.
  • New Printer
    Publisher switched to printing on a C. ITOH Pro-Writer. New printer from CAI. Sinclair working on battery for its flat screen TV.
  • New Product Updates
    Updates from Sinclair on 16K RAM units; MicroPeripherals on its modem and CAI.
  • New Product Updates (Syntax v2 n2)
    CAI is accepting orders for their products.
  • Printer with Mini-Interface
    CAI has introduced a stand-alone printer with a mini-interface for the ZX/TS computer. It works only with 16K and is $139.95.
  • Product Preview
    Mentions CAI Instruments devices, graphics device from Innovision, speech recognition unit from Voicetek and Sinclair 8K ROM and 16K RAM pack.
  • Resources for the ZX80 and MicroAce (Sync v1 n2)
    Companies and organizations with products related to the ZX80.
  • The Floppy Alternative
    Review of the CAI Stringy Floppy.




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