SyncWare News v2 n1

SyncWare News v2 n1
Date: September/October 1984
Volume: 2
Issue: 1


  • Machine Code Topics: 2068 BASIC ROM Calls
    This is the first of an occasional and indefinite series on machine-code programming for the 2068. I do not intend to take you through the rudiments of Z80 instructions, nor even the discovery and invention of the poked REM statement, but if you know how to do it even a little bit, then maybe I
  • Basic Topics
    Is It a Number contains a trap to insure that you enter a number. This is useful in math drill programs, to prevent cheating by entering an expression. 2068 Felt Hat will plot a “hat.”
  • TMS9918A Video Upgrade: Part 1
    The TMS9918A video project consists of two PC boards, a small modification/addition to the main computer board, and a +5, +12, -5 VDC power supply (an expansion board of some type is necessary). Video board “A” contains the TMS9918 VDP chip, 16K video ram and one support chip for I/O interfacing. Board “B” contains the
  • Forth-With
    “Just what is FORTH like?” FORTH is like FORTH and nothing else – it’s that simple. It has been shown that people who have never been exposed to a procedural language like BASIC, Fortran, Pascal, etc. grasp FORTH almost immediately.
  • For Your Support
    Product availability announcements from Imre Auersbaucher (educational software), Hawg Wild Software (2068 fig-Forth, CP Spectrum Forth, EMU-1 Spectrum emulator, User Design Graphics toolkit), Dale Lipinski Software (5 new programs for the 2068, and 8 new ones for the 1000 and 1500, dealing with accounting and file management), Sinware (updated HotZ 2068), Games to Learn By
  • Basils' Compendium: Basic Machine Code for the ZX-81/TS1000
    As the title implies, this series is designed to introduce the beginner to the basics of machine coding. The beginner in machine language that is. We must assume that you already have a working knowledge of BASIC.
  • A Video Upgrade?
    Why upgrade the TS1000 video with a TMS9918 video display processor (VDP?) If you find that your computer does its job, but you would like to see it work a lot faster (in SLOW), if you’re tired of that annoying fast mode flicker, if you have a program longer than 16K of BASIC and want
  • Editorial
    In case you hadnโ€™t noticed, a few changes have occurred with SWN in the last couple of months. The appearance among others, is quite different. Another change that has transpired is the editor/publisher personnel. We are very happy to have Tom Woods as our publisher. Not only is he involved in publishing, but also in
  • Translations: Memotext to ZX Pro/File
    If you have a Memotext word-processor module and 64K RAM, you undoubtedly have already made use of its powerful “text” files mode. Memotext also supports “data” files, organized in six fields per file, up to 31 characters per field. Entering data files is just as easy and fast as text, thanks to the re-defined keyboard,
  • Forum
    Bill Ferrebee operates a BBS with a Timex interest group; Ray Rash has a 2068 biorhythm program; Dan Pinko will repair blown SDS load filter; Bary Wingersky has rewritten Cave-Man WP for 2068; Radio Electronics has 4-part hardware story in progress for Timex.


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