Hunter Electronics

1630 Forest Hills Dr., Okemos, MI 48864
Owner(s): Paul Hunter


Operating system for bank-switched memory on the ZX81/TS 1000. Documented in eight articles in T-S Horizons.
TS 1000
Up to 8K RAM or EPROM; works with 16K RAM packs. Store your own system utilities or build a library of machine language routines. Can be used with any ROM or RAM.
TS 1000


  • 8K Non-Volatile Memory Kit
    Review of Hunter board. The Non-Volatile memory (NVM) kit is a battery backup powered RAM board that is primarily designed to fill the transparent address area between 8K and 16K in the Sinclair ZX80/81. The key feature of this product is that with the onboard battery, the routines stored in NVM are retained even with
  • Another Look at 450ns EPROMS vs the ZX81/TS1000
    Paul Hunter’s comments on using 450ns EPROMs on ZX/TS computers (May83) strike me as true but incomplete. Paul shows how to add a flip-flop to delay the computer by inserting wait states and thus make the computer read slow EPROMS. You can use another chip select scheme to cure access problems without adding circuitry or
  • Highlights from the November Meeting
    Bob Masters talked about using VU-Calc to verify Blue Cross claims forecasts. J. Michael Coughlin described the Hunter board.
  • Larken & Hunter
    Add a switch to the Hunter 8K memory board so it will work with the Larken DOS ROM, which occupies 12-16K region.
  • Memory with a Memory
    Review of the Hunter 8K non-volatile RAM board.
  • Mod to Use Hunter RAM with > 32K
    Hunter boards require a modification to work on systems with more than 32K RAM.
  • New Product News, Old Product Offers
    Updates on products from Budget Robotics and Computing, ROMPAK, Hunter, Oliger, Compusa, Softmark, W. T. Associates, Markel Software, D. Lipinski, Siriusware and Ace Software.
  • New Products and Services (Syntax v3 n10)
    New products from Tom Woods, Hunter, Miller-Zamis, International Publishing and Software, King Software, Hamrich International, P. Pollak, E-Z Key.
  • New Products and Services (Syntax v4 n2)
    New products from Expense Cutters Products, JPR Software, Biocal, Memotech, R.S. Panwar, Wisconsinc Electronics, Calliope Software, Practical Computer Products, Melear Marketing, SofTek, RAMSTRAP, Syncware,f/22 Press, Hunter, Friendly Computer, M.C. Hoffman, Integrated Data Systems, Softsync.
  • Product Updates: Hunter, Memotech
    Hunter produces EPROM version of its 8-16K RAM board. Memotech keyboard being shipped in black.
  • Resources (Sync v2 n5)
    Listing of new user groups, books and other resources.
  • Reviews for the Non-Programmer
    Using the Z-XLR8 ROM with the Hunter board.
  • Revising a Hunter Board to Hold 32K Bank Switchable NVRAM
    With HM6264LP-I5 28 pin RAMS at less than $4 each, l have devised a not-too-difficult revision to a Hunter board which will give your ZX81/TS1000 four switchable 8K sections of write-protected NVRAM on the one board.
  • Sinclair/Timex Memory Kit
    Product announcement for Hunter 8K CMOS RAM board (mapped to 8-16K)
  • To Buy or Not to Buy? Hardware
    Review of Hunter Board.
  • Vendor Reports and Notes
    Updates from Brainchild, Kopak, Paul Hunter.



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