SyncWare News v4 n2

SyncWare News v4 n2
Date: November/December 1986
Volume: 4
Issue: 2


  • 2068 Variable Save Trick
    After a lot of experimenting, I may have a solution. The “may have” is because the process alters the system variables and, although it seems fine so far, I prefer to test it much more before using it with complete confidence. The process simply involves fooling the computer about where to start saving. Since we
  • Editorial
    Season’s greetings; Second Sort-of-Annual Programmers Competition; new improved publication.
  • For Your Support
    Product announcements from Chia-Chi Chao, NovelSoft, Willcocks Research Consultants, Grey & Clifford Computer Products, Knighted Computers, Fred Nachbaur/Silicon Mountain Computers, Robert Fischer, Larken Electronics, Bill Bell, Thomas Woods, Jim Houston Enterprises, WIDJUP Co., David Hill.
  • Forum
    Monochrome monitor compatibility; Pascal help wanted; 2068 Art revisited; 2068 business graphics wanted; keyboard troubles; ink jet woes; more on Mandelplot.
  • 2068 Label Maker
    Program to print return address labels or any other message on 15/16″ labels.
  • TS1000 Advanced Calculator Program
    These programs convert the TS-1000/1500 computer (with 16 col., 32 col. or an 80 col. printer) into a superior printing scientific calculator which saves the last 25 formulas and 900 variables for reference and/or use in future expressions. The enhanced version, CALPR-1, provides for labeling of all expressions and variables for improved calculation notes. Poking
  • Syntactic Sum
    The ’SYNTACTIC SUM’ shown after the programs is a convenient parity check which was required by the editors of the now defunct Sinclair oriented newsletter SYNTAX ZX80, a publication of the Harvard Group.
  • 2068 Windows
    With the wave of new micros touting their window abilities maybe other 2068 owners like myself have been keeping quiet. Well, if you have been feeling sorry for yourself because you have a computer that “won’t do windows” then cheer up! Those windows are painlessly easy on the mighty 2068!
  • WRX 16 Hi-Res for the 1000
    For several years, ZX81/TS1000 owners have dreamed of a simple bit-mapped high-resolution system for their machines. The quest began with the appearance of “software-only” high-resolution packages, which offered an improvement over the crude 44×64 block pixels, but left much to be desired regarding precision and ease of use. Several manufacturers came out with hardware add-ons
  • Basil's Compendium: Why Use Machine Code?
    If you have the choice between simple and complicated, simple is usually the more elegant. It’s often a poor bargain to trade many minutes of machine code writing for a saving of a few milliseconds in program execution.
  • Wordsearch: A Comparison between the ZX80 and TS1000
    The differences as to how the two machines handle relational operators turned out to be the key to making the WORDSEARCH program operate successfully on the TS1000. In the process of translating from ZX80 Basic to TS1000 Basic, a number of “tricks” were discovered that allow successful conversion of programs between the two computers.
  • 2068 Word Wrap Utility
    When printing a text to the screen by using the PRINT statement, words at the end of the screen often will be cut off in the middle and continued on the next line. This makes the text difficult to read. This utility will put the entire word at the beginning of the next line so


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