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TS 1000 TS 2068
TS 2068
TS 1000 TS 2068
TS 2068
Cartridge dock interface. Compatible with print driver software for the AERCO/Oliger and Tasman B and C. Includes the card, ribbon cable and software on cassette. Spare socket and switch to run either a Spectrum ROM or other EPROM-based software. The article “2068 Printer Interface and ROM Cart” (appears in Best of SUM) documents how to
TS 2068
Presidents, states and capitals.
TS 1000 TS 2068


  • Badgammon
    This is a very good version of the game “Backgammon” for the TS 2068. It has full color and sound: playing pieces are drawn in hi-res graphics.
  • Calorie Counter review
    Of the many people trying to lose weight, a few eventually discover that calorie intake must not exceed calorie expenditure. Counting calories can be a bothersome task, but for some of us, this may be the only way, at least initially, to balance our metabolic budgets. CALORIE COUNTER by Foote Software could be a handy
  • Foote Interface Fix
  • SincBits
    Cassette signal booster schematic in the May/June 1986 issue of Sincus News. Tasman centronics printer and Foote Print Centronics Interface described. Spectrum games
  • T/S 2068 -- Spectrum
    Three devices to allow TS 2068 to run Spectrum programs: Spectrum ROM available from Foote Software; ROMSWITCH from G. Russell Electronics and EMU-1 from Enter Lingua.
  • Timex Tidbits
  • TS 2068/Spectrum-Wares
    Spectrum ROM/adapter options from Doug Dewey, Pheonix Enterprises, Foote Software and Long Island Sinclair Timex Group.


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