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TS 1000 TS 2068
Rise And Fall Of The Timex Computer Corp. Why Time Ran Out For Timex Micro Muse Introduction To Computer Control Automatically Set RAMTOP Without Destroying the Program “Boxes” A Monitor Adapter For The T/S 1500 DATA/READ On A T/S 1000 Adventures In The RAM Jungle and Other Mysteries 8k ROM Upgrade Band-Switching and Operating System
TS 1000 TS 1500 TS 2068
The Sinclair Survivalist Handbook is filled with previously un-published program listings and articles, written by regular contributors to TIME DESIGNS, for the TS1000/ZX81, TS1500, TS2068, and the Sinclair QL. Examples include: ‘Adapting external keyboards to your TS1000’, ‘BASIC Line Delete Utility’, ‘Strategic Football’, ‘Fix Your TS2068 Space Bar’, ‘OS-64 Utilities’, ‘Little League Scheduler’, ‘Homemade ROM-Switch’,
ZX81 TS 1500 TS 2068 QL
Programmer’s software and hardware reference manual for the 2068. Reprint of the original edition, published by Timex Computer Corporation in 1984. In 1986, Time Designs Magazine obtained permission to edit and republish the manual.
TS 2068


Bi-monthly that had aimed fill the void created by the departure of SYNC, TIMEX SINCLAIR USER, and SYNTAX magazines.


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