T-S Horizons n20

Date: July-August 1986
Issue: 20


  • Error Codes: Revising a Hunter Board to Hold 32k
    Correction to “Revising a Hunter Board to Hold 32k” that appeared in T-S Horizons n19.
  • Enter
    Tex Faucette has been a faithful supporter of TS Horizons from almost the beginning. Many of you know Tex as Oscar Sensabaugh from Computer Trader Magazine, where he writes a regular Timex etc., column he calls “Computin’ in the Country”. Report on the Midwest TS Computer Fest from LIST. Updates on Computers for Convicts.
    More controversy over anti-abortion ad in #17.
  • Bank Switching... The Timex/Sinclair 2068 Computer, Part II
    Discussion of how streams were supposed to use bank switching to interact with external devices and how the system probes for devices at startup to set up the SYSCON table.
  • Try These
    Short programs that demonstrate graphics and audio features of the TS1000/1500/ZX81 and TS2068.
  • In Spec: Rotronics Toolkit
    This series of programs, available all on one wafer, offers a variety of useful tools. To quote the manual, “The routines are a compilation of the most popular programs available via the ROTRONICS Information Service.” All of these programs self-initialize upon loading and most are Then called with one simple command.
  • Bridging the Gap Between Sinclair & IBM
    I finally got my hands on an IBM PC. After having worked on a main frame for so long, I found the IBM to be a pleasant experience. I also discovered that the file system on the IBM was similar to that of the main frameโ€” though much slower. Since I was still hacking away
  • More BIT/S
    This program is a game I call ‘SECRET NUMBER.โ€™ The computer holds a secret number whose value is anywhere between 0 and 50. You have to guess that number by using messages as cross references. As you enter a guess (input a number) the computer gives you a clue as to the general area of
  • Printer EPROM for generating lower case letters with true descenders on 80-column printers
    Replacement ROM for Gorilla Banana (Seikosha GP-100A) that gives letters like g, j and p true descending (below the baseline) appearance.
  • Gosubs
    GOSUBS by Ewin and Shirley Gaby came out about the time Timex was going under. It is “A BYTE BOOK” and published by McGraw-Hill. Written for the original ZX81, the programs are applicable to the 2068 as well as the QL.
  • Applied Sinclair: Subroutines for the Mathematically-Minded
    This publication is, in a word, “impressive”. To complement his powerful cadre of subroutines, which are capable of handling some rather formidable problems from applied math, Booth has also included some very elegant plotting routines, which, used in conjunction with the numerical programs through a (simply written) main program will actually plot the solution for
  • Pixel Sketch and Graphics Editor (PS/GE) 2.0
    The Pixel Sketch and Graphics Editor, Version 2.0 (or PS/GE, for short) uses the standard video mode, the extended color video mode with eight times the standard color resolution, and the high resolution graphics video mode to draw and to print text. This versatility is very useful especially if you like lots of color or
  • Smart Text TS-2068
    Many programs may be evaluated and either reviewed or rejected in a single session at the keyboard. This IS NOT TRUE in the case of Bill Jones’ SMART TEXT TS-2068. In fact, upon first reading the 70-page manual, my reaction was, “Egad, he has reinvented Wordstar!” Of course I jest. Nevertheless, a mere listing of


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