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Non-volatile memory designed by Wilf Rigter. 32K RAM with Rigter Operating System (ROS). File-handling system in less than 600 bytes. Includes: DIRECTORY: displays all programs stored in memory by name and length in bytes. 44 entries per directory. SAVE: transfers BASIC programs, variables, and machine code to storage. Works in conjunction with the NAME/RENAME features.
TS 1000
Download/upload files via Xmodem with Westridge or Byte-Back modem. 16-64K.
TS 1000
Multi-tasking program for the TS1000. Features include a real-time clock, automatic program line tracer, auto-repeat on all keys, and more.
TS 1000
Drawing program with many features, brushes and patterns. Uses a 48×64 pixel “window” to the 256×192 image.
Downloadable TS 1000
Copy artwork to TS 2040 printer. Requires TS 1000 with socketed 2K RAM and hardware modification.
TS 1000
Design your own sound effects or musical effects for your own programs. Menu-driven, uses 3 keys. Design a sound, print out necessary code, insert in to your own program.
TS 2068
Allows programmer to step through/watch a program as it runs. Sold by Weymil as Tracer 2068.
TS 2068
Combination of SincArtist and SincArtist HR.
TS 1000


  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits & Bytes
  • Bits and Pieces
    News from the UK; Mini Xmod communications package; additions to user group list; repair changes; Oliger/Kingsley disk system; TI 99/4A keyboard for the 1000 and other updates.
  • For Your Support
    AN-TO Productions is marketing QUICKEY 2068 keyboard overlays. Overlays are available for the following programs: AccuDraw T2, Artworx v1.1, Tasword/Tasprint, Mscript (regular and V5) and Omnicalc II. There is also a key finder and a blank overlay for your own programs. Bill Bell announces the availability of an Oliger Video Version of BBDOS for the
  • From the Secretary's Mailbag
    Updates from various user groups.
  • Incredible Add-On Device Turns TS1000, ZX81 and PC8300 Into Versatile and User Friendly Computers
    Review of Weymilโ€™s Delta Device, a 32K non-volatile RAM extension.
  • New and Upcoming in 1987
    Details about upcoming 2nd Annual Mid-West Timex Sinclair Computerfest; Larken developing RAMdisk for 2068; Thomas B. Woods will be offering RAM board in kit form that operates in the cartridge slot of the 2068. User-expandable from 8K to 120K; TS telecommunications, Sinclair QL; Zebra/Timex Disk support group; new programs and hardware.
  • Press Release: Delta Device The Non Volatile Memory System
  • Vendor Reports
    Updates about Larken Electronics, Weymil Corporation, Pleasantrees Programming, Sunset Electronics, Cascade Games Ltd., E. Arthur Brown, Oliger, BIT/S Software, ZX Broadcast, E-Z Key.



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