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Horse race game with built-in parimutuel; prints tickets.
TS 2068
Word processing for TS 2068/TS 2040 printer owners. Offers four type fonts and provides 20 selections from the main menu. 16 page user’s manual.
TS 2068
Fixed implementation of sprites code from the TS 2068 technical manual. Includes 34 page manual.
TS 2068


  • In Our Mailbag
    More on the TS-PC controversy; don’t let ’em burn; drop down menus; TS2068 graphics; prime factors; a faster joystick.
  • Letters
    User attempting to build a printer interface; user views on QL; disassembly of the BEEP routine from ROM.
  • Letters
    Gorilla printer offered by DAK; how to use VU-FILE and VU-CALC with 64k; bubble sort for 1000; column reviewing Adventure programs suggested; short machine code routine for sound; joystick program.
  • New Releases
    New software from Ron Ruegg; “Touring the TS2068 ROM Operating System” book from William J. Pedersen; Arnold Ramaker is developing an expansion box for ZX81, TS1000, TS1500, TS2068 and QL computers; Matthew Zenkar offers utility for QL owners who use DTP software; Sinclair Artificial Intelligence Network special intereste group forming.
  • Software Review: Sprites 2068
  • Sprites 2068
    SPRITES 2068 is a sprite development and handler package. Those of you that have the Technical Manual will note that there is an appendix, number C-5, devoted to this subject. This program is none other than this same code. SPRITES 2068 co-authors Tidwell and Ruegg have “debugged” the Timex sprite package code.
  • Sprites 2068



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